Playstation controllers?

  1. My 5 year old has a Playstation system in his room-it is the original one. I bought it used from somebody with a bunch of games-i figured it was a good starter video game system for him. Anyway-it only came with one controller and I would like to get him another one-I am looking on eBay and it seems everybody has the PS2 controllers for sale.

    Does anyone know if those would be ok for original PS?
  2. Sorry D, I dont think PS2 controllers work for the original PS. I havent had a PS in a long time and my little brothers have had a PS2 for awhile and they said they dont think PS2 controllers work for the original.
  3. i'd go to a target and pick up a cheap one. Do you have one out there?It might be easier to exchange it if you get it there. Ill ask the BF when he gets home.
  4. Just checked with my daughter who has PS2 and she says PS2 controllers don't work with original Playstation system.
  5. PS2 controllers will NOT work with the original system. I work for best buy, and, we stopped carrying them (at least in our immediete stores) a while ago. You might want to check with a store like Game Stop, or EBGames, who will sell them used. Other than that, ebay will probably have them, hope I helped! :smile:
  6. Nishi i think my son might have a extra he would sell cheap. Should I ask him?
  7. also, Gamestop has those things.. dont know if u guys have gamestop....

  8. I should have known to ask you Selena! Yes, ask the little guy for me.

    Thanks everybody !
  9. He is sleeping now but I will check with him. But check GAMESTOP in your area for a used one. It might be cheaper then even the shipping charge to send mine to you.