playing with keychain :-))

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  1. I was playing with the keychain and ended up makeing a necklace. My SA loved it!
    It comes great with the all silver keychain.
    It's a funny game.:smile:
    If you have enough you can make a belt;)

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  2. That's adorable! What a great way to celebrate halloween and Christmas, by wearing that!
  3. What fun, so cute!!

  4. Very cute and creative! :tup:
  5. That's really cute and inventive:yes:
  6. costa, very adorable!! :smile:
    Great idea. :smile:
  7. What a great idea!
  8. Gosh, that is so creative!! It's adorable!!
  9. That is so cute, Costa! Once again, it's proven that the versatility of Hermes is endless!
  10. Thank you for the idea! I'm going to go play with mine!!
  11. You only need three to make the necklace. More to make the belt;)
  12. That's adorable and you have two of the keychains I would LOVE, the pumpkin and the snowman
  13. H lovers are SO creative! Great idea! :P
  14. adorable!!!!!
  15. how creative, bravo costa!:tup::tup::tup: