Playing tonight with matching different handbags....

  1. Playing around tonight and matching different (non LV) handbags with LV accessoires...obviously my LV bags match my accessories but, I was happy to see that my accessories match different bags as well...any one else mix and match??? Check it out....I am glad that I can mix and gives me more options now...:yahoo: ...handbags are awesome and LV looks great with Gucci!!!!!
    2006_1020_222346AA.JPG 2006_1020_222532AA.JPG 2006_1020_222635AA.JPG
  2. the red vernis looks bright in the pic but, IRL it is softer and matches not to badly...I like them together...the pic is deceiving colour wise...
  3. LOVE your red bag and groom wallet together! They all look great...oh and what a nice vernis cles :love: !!
  4. The red bag looks gorgeous... with the accessories AND on its own! :smile:
  5. love your collection. the red bag and the groom wallet is a perfect combination.
  6. i think your navy blue Jakie-O is gorg :yes:
  7. they look great together!!!
  8. Yea, they matches really well! :yes:
  9. That's so awesome that you can mix and match so many different things!! Enjoy all your goodies!!! :smile:
  10. Fun snaps....I love when thing co-ordinate but aren't matchy-matchy
  11. hehehehehe, fun!!! all your bags and accessories are having a PARTY together!!! woop woop!! :biggrin:
  12. LVpug - I saw all your pics on the other thread - such a nice collection ! !
    Everything looks amazing, glad you're having fun.
  13. Thanks everyone...I want to have a collection that I can mix up...My gucci's are from last spring and have not been used too much so, when I saw the groom pouchette wallet I knew I had a winner because it matches all my mono canvas plus most of my gucci bags. Normally I would never pay that much for a wallet but, because it is gorgeous, LE and matches so many things I went for it. Also I do not need any more new LV for some time because I can use my LV accessories with other pieces over the winter months. You guys should try mixing and matching it is fun and it breaks up a look as well...LV accessories are the bests IMO....