Playing Poker in Vegas

  1. :graucho: Once a again a Vegas thread by me:

    Where do you go to play Poker (Texas Hold'em) in Vegas? :graucho:
  2. Fremont Street. Binions Horseshoe.
    I recommend everyone at least check out Fremont Street while here. It is where "the strip" was before it was a strip. Older casinos and a nice ped-walkway. Also has a cool show at night. You may notice they are a bit more smokey and the waitresses a little older but for poker Binion is where it all started. Take a taxi from the strip; it's a long walk, and between the strip and downtown are some undesirable areas. If you like to drink go to La Bayou-they have the cheapest yards of frozen drinks around.
    Did I mention you should go to the Premium Outlets off of Charleston? They are really good!
  3. Has anyone here ever played at the Bellagio? I would like to go to Bobby's room some day. I have already come across one of their regular players Phil Ivey twice. Fortunately, not at the poker table.
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