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  1. Do you play or learn an instrument? Tell me about it!
  2. I have played the double bass for the last 20 years. I am good at it but have no wish to become too much better and aim for professional standard. I keep going back to lessons to stop the bad habits creeping in and I mostly play classical orchestral music. Not a fan of jazz to listen to so don't see myself wandering in that genre. There isn't a lot of money to be made from music in Ireland. I know it's great doing what you love, but sometimes it is not enough to pay the bills and certainly not enough to buy the shoes and bags that I want!!

    Music is a fabulous talent have. If I had a penny for every time it was said to me that others wished they had kept up the music lessons when they were children.
  3. Hi Miss Sooky.

    I dont, and have always regretted it (I blame it on a very boring music teacher lol!) We decided that both our children should learn an instrument. Our youngest is learning Guitar and our eldest has played around with some but is concentrating on singing lessons (her teacher tells her this is an instrument too ;) ).
    I believe if you want to learn, you really could at any age, but interestingly it does seem to come alot easier to some.
    Our eldest daughter has two beautiful Japanese girls in her school who at 11 and 13 play the violin and piano like true professionals - I get goosebumps when I hear them. Now is this because of the effort they put in, or are they just naturals? I do not know the answer but they blow my mind!
  4. Hello Jules ^^! I asked because I have gone back to learning an instrument after a long time away from music. And it is a different instrument! Before I was a flute player and now I am learning the cello - I am really interested in hearing about adult beginners/improvers . . .
  5. My mom took me to piano lessons for YEARS when younger. Luckily, I still remember how to LOL.
  6. I played the french horn for 6 years , I have always wanted to play the violen and piano
  7. I played the alto saxophone for four years, trumpet for one. I always wanted to learn the violin or viola and piano.

    I stopped playing the sax because i was SUPPOSED to start violin lessons, but that fell through and i never had the opportunity to continue :sad:

    I really miss playing an instrument and strongly encourage it.

    I've noticed in all the advance courses I've taken, atleast 80% play an instrument. I guess it has to do with discipline they acquire and using another part of the brain.

    It's never too late to learn!

    I didn't have a private tutor, i learned with my twin brother and learned in school with a bunch of others who were just starting as well.
  8. I played the flute and piccolo when I was younger but in high school you could only be in marching band and I said NO WAY (especially since marching band half time conflicted with dance team halftime!) and I sold my flute to help afford a trip to Europe!

    When I have time when I'm older I would love to learn how to play the viola or something though!
  9. I play clarinet, sax and flute, and did so professionally for a while (which is how I met my husband and came to live in the US). Now, I play the odd church/show/quintet gig for money, but mostly I play in a 50-piece community concert band. We range from high school students through 80 years old, and a lot of the members stopped playing for many years in the middle before coming back to it as an adult. I strongly encourage anyone who has any inclination to just try it - it's so much fun!
  10. I played the clarinet for 7 years. I haven't touched it in 6 years, so I'm not sure if I would remember how to play it again.
  11. I played the French Horn through college (helped pay for part of college actually) and am a decent player, but nowhere near professional level. I played in a municipal band and bought my horn about 6 years ago in a consignment shop and had it fixed up.(I rented through school before). I take it out and play once in awhile, but with kids, nto as much as I want.

    M goal was to take piano when my son was learning, but I didn't have time to pratice. It's way harder as an adult to learn! My son (12 yo) plays piano and Tuba. Maybe when my 3 year old starts in a few years I'll give piano another try. I would love to be able to play! French Horn isn't exactly something you just pick up and play a tune on.
  12. So many interesting instruments here. I really agree with all who have said that it is a great discipline. I also find it incredibly relaxing and absorbing which is quite a contrast to my experience as a child learning the flute when it was a bit of a chore and exam focused. I have to be told to put the cello away these days - it has even (whisper it) taken over from my passion for other things such as . . . handbags!
  13. I played the piano for 5 years, haven't played for 7. I think I have dropped down to beginners level now. I regret taking it all for granted. =\
  14. My mom is a professional classical pianist, so of course I started taking lessons when I was about 6 and played all throughout high school. When I went to college, though, I stopped playing solely because there wasn't a piano around to play nearby. Now I have lost a lot of my skill. I hope to get it back someday.

    I also learned to play the cornet (kind of trumpet) in 5th grade but then I dumped it for the oboe in 6th grade. That instrument is my true love, and I played it all the way through college, and picked it up again a few years ago. I played locally in a community orchestra. But the orchestra rehearsals took a lot of time and I had to give it up. Someday I hope to pull it out again.
  15. I played the piano for a couple years when I was young... eventually gave it up. After awhile, I sorta regretted not keeping up with it, though.

    I also played the clarinet in the school band from 5th grade up until my senior year of high school. I decided not to pursue music in college, though.