Playing in the rain??!!!

  1. One of the things that I love about having the opportunity to live in Hong Kong is having my kids surrounded all the time by a different culture. turns out I learn things about culture sometimes too....
    We live in one building of a group of 7, all 45 floors tall. There is no green space just an indoor playhouse for the kids. HK just entered the rainy season...and it has been raining ALL DAY! As we left the playhouse, it was lightly raining with lots of puddles so I let my

    kids take off their shoes and play in the rain:roflmfao: . They had so...much was entertainment like it used to be when I was a kid!!! Well pretty soon, people started gawking, and I had two people stop and tell me that it was unsafe for kids to play in rain...they might get a cold! The concierge in my building told me that in China it is considered "crazy" to play in the rain!! Anyway, the kids had a ball and didn't suffer any adverse affects (yet!), and I thought it was interesting how different perceptions are depending on where you live. Or maybe I am just a nut to let my kids play in the rain???
  2. just do not care as long as your kids and you are happy tha is all what matters.
    infact even i go out in the garden when it rains here (thats only like 10 times a year) as i just love the warm rain pouring down on me and yes that is my guilty pleasure. and everyone over here says "you can´t do that so not chic only peasants do that " but if it makes me happy i am fine with that ;)
  3. You are not nuts - kids need fresh air and to play outside! I was in HK last year at this time (first week of june) and I'm sure it was plenty warm. When my kids were younger they used to play in the rain/mud/dirt whatever (they would just get a bath as soon as they were finished!). It is still some of their fondest memories.

    That is kind of weird comment from your concierge. I was amazed at the open-air markets where you could see somebody slaughtering chickens or fish right next to somebody selling fabric or clothes. Nothing against HK but it didn't strike me as the most hygienic place in the world. Don't be offended - I thought it was a clean city but some of the customs to me (as an american) seemed somewhat primitive. Are you British?
  4. American, as well!! And yes, there are all sorts of things that seem "crazy" to me here, and that is what I enjoy the most about it!! There is always so much to learn about how different people are...I am sure that there are people living around us that probably refer to us and some of the thigs we do as "wierd"!! Apparently a lot of them are downstairs right now talking about the crazy American that lets her kids play in the rain!!!!
  5. Which side of HK are you on? I stayed on the water on the ex-pat side in the grand hyatt.

    I loved the central district area. What is the name of that mall with all the high end stores? And Shangai Tang was one of my favorite stores!!
  6. I am on the Kowloon side...right on the water! Pacific Place is probably the mall you're talking about..although EVERY mall here has all the high-end stores....there must be 8 or 9 Chanel stores in HK and Kowloon. I :heart: it here...amazing shopping!! When one of my friends found out we were moving here she said, "It's like the mothership is calling you home!"
  7. I loved playing in the rain as a kid !!!
    Different cultures are an amazing exposure for I say to heck with concierge and the people on the street...they probably think you're already crazy just because you're American!!!
  8. i used to play in the rain when i was little.. it was just really fun n i never got sick.. but as a grown-up, i remember a time i got soaked in the rain, the night later, i had a fever... dont know what happened, but maybe ur immune systems is not the same with rain when u get older...hehe
  9. i love playing in the rain! it reminds me of my childhood.
  10. I played in the rain when I was a kid. I remember the rainy seasons in the Philippines. The temperature was much cooler too when a storm comes by. It's usually very hot there all the time.
  11. Me and my sister used to play in the rain alllll the time when we were younger :biggrin: It was my parents who thought we were crazy though, not the neighbors :P But, 10+ years later and we're just as normal normal now as we were then!! ;)
  12. My brothers and sisters and I used to play in the rain all the time, and when I got older, I loved going for walks in the rain. When my kids were little, their favorite thing was to play in the rain. the younger one used to sit in mud puddles! Needless to say, the rain play was followed by a bath, and hot cocoa. My kids still talk about what fun they had doing this. Enjoy!
  13. Annemerrick, all I have to say is "whatever"!!! Some people are so quick to judge. Judgmental people piss me off!! I can't stand them! Its not like you put your kids in front of an oncoming train or had them play in the rain naked. Give me a break! You were giving your children the opportunity to be children.

    Don't let their criticism bother you. People are always going to have s:censor: t to say no matter what you do. I say f:censor: k them and do you!!

    I apologize for the ranting but some people should really evaluate their lives and see their f:censor: k ups before they cast stones.
  14. So....I got really "crazy" and let the kids tromp around in the rain again yesterday!! I've decided to make it a regular occurence and really stir things up where I live!!!!
  15. I love playing in the rain! You're not a nut, playing the rain is great. So what if your kids get a little cold?