Playing favorites... you too?

  1. I suck at rotating my handbags. I'm always using one bag because I just love it.

    Anyone else ignore their other handbags in favor of one? It seems like a lot of you ladies have several favorites and that's so awesome. I guess I'm a bag monogramist?
  2. I do as well, although I don't exactly have tons of bags to choose from.. :shame: But lately my Paddington has been the only bag to see the light of day in a couple of weeks.
  3. I was using my Hogan "H" Scout pretty consistently until the Paddy arrived today. For some reason I don't switch my bags as much as I probably should.
  4. Usually my new bag will steal the limelight and i'll use it for wks. In fact all the bags i have bought has been my favourite cos its some kind of hard earn $$$ ;)
  5. I usually carry a bag and call it my favorite for about a month, then I'm on to another one usually the exact opposite of what I previously carried. This vicious circles goes round and round but it's fun!
  6. See, even my new bags don't steal the spotlight. Maybe it's my holy grail of bags!
  7. Well, prior to joining this forum I carried the same purse for weeks...then I was re-introduced to my love of bags, and I've carried 3 different ones within the past 3 days! :biggrin:
  8. I'm too lazy (and usually running too late) to change bags every day. Sometimes I plan my outfit around which bag is already loaded and ready to go...