Playing Chess...Chloe Style

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  1. socal, only you will know this saks has a jimmy choo large hobo in brown for 1450.00 looks almost like ramona with one less strap. do you know what the other differences are, they must be some for the price gap.
  2. I think that one is a smaller version of the Ramona, but I am not sure if it has the "lacing" that the Ramona has. You might check the dimensions on the Saks bag. It would be a good alternative if the size is right for you.
  3. etenebris! figures you might know looks really similar and they refer to it as large. there are fewer laces no question. we have a saks here so im going to go over tomorrow and peek.
  4. Yes. I clearly have a bag problem!
  5. SoCal, your new bags are gorgeous, especially the JC. Enjoy them!
  6. Love your storytelling once again, always puts a smile on my face!! Congrats on the new bags! And all you gals crack me up too, lol! The Donald.. hehehe.
  7. That's the rasia.

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  8. Rasia is quite a bit smaller than Ramona, with a shorter (single) strap and only one row of grommets. That's the one I ordered from Saks and returned.
  9. thank you daisy...and greenie for the photo....i have seen the ramona around town, but not this one....
  10. tell us the out come.
  11. Tracey, I don't think you'll find that color. I've read that they did not release this color (as well as stone) again like they did the navy, brown, and black. I've read that there are new colors coming (metallic and burgundy I think) but haven't seen/heard of them in stores yet.
  12. It also only has one ring of "grommets". Ramona is a larger bag. There is now a "smaller" version of Ramona (I want to say it is called the Rikki...or something like that). The Rikki (or whatever the official name is) is approximately 60-75% of the Ramona size, but still has the double straps and double ring of grommets. I think Ramona is "most desired" and Rikki is new to stores right now (for those that found Ramona to be slightly large, but liked the Ramona details). The SAs indicate Ramona is sold out for the most part, but the Rikki may be available (JC SCP received 2-3 two days ago or so...).
  13. Hi Daisy. My SA said the same thing...stone and lime are sold out (and discontinued?). The next shipment at JC will be navy as they just received (and sold out for the post part) a shipment of chocolate and black.
  14. Uh oh, I might need to look into this Rikki character! SoCal, your pics are making me reconsider the brown again.
  15. I should probably start a JC thread to not frustrate the Chloe readers, huh?