playing around with my bandeau

  1. ok, so the thread about it's uses got me to take my bandeau out on the town. i wore it on my illovo. then when i got home i payed with some looks in my hair and around my neck. here are some pics.
    IMG_3692.JPG IMG_3693.JPG IMG_3694.JPG IMG_3696.JPG IMG_3701.JPG
  2. last one
  3. beautiful scarf! thanks for sharing the different ways of using the bandeau!
  4. Lovely scarf.
    It looks good in every photo!
  5. Cute scraf!
  6. isn't it pretty? i really want a moka bag. i wasn't sure it would look right on damier but i think it does!
  7. Looks very nice on your ponytail.
  8. very nice, great pics! When I get a bandeau I'm going to try wearing it in my hair too.
  9. aw thanks pink. which looks better- the bow or leaving it long. i was afraid the bow was too kiddish.
  10. cute! thanx for sharing!!
  11. Really like it on your ponytail! Does anyone with short hair have a modeling pic...maybe has a head band or tied more in back?
  12. i tried a headband but my hair is too slick for it. sniffle. i can't even wear anything that way....
  13. try to tease the crown of your hair, and add a few bobby pins by your ear. Also don't tie it too tight as a headband, it will look great! I love that bandeau!
  14. so it..
  15. omg! I love how you tied it in a butterfly knot on your neck!!!! so nice! :biggrin: