Playground Prices gone mad on ebay!

  1. Isn't that terrible? I still want it tho. :cry: But no!!! Too Much!!!
  2. it's the same seller you guys..

    that's why i'd definitely keep quiet here if i'm after something because the next thing you know the prices on eBay will skyrocket.
  3. i like playground but good thing i don't have my heart set on any style in it
  4. wow, those prices are :censor:! I would never pay that much for a bag.
  5. Wow, that's a lot for a cucciolo! The foresta one only went for 215 or something.
  6. thankfully, no one seems to be buying at those prices. If you look at all her completed auctions, most don't sell, and those that do are at less than $50 over retail, which is still in the range of reason for a bag you REALLY want.

    Besides, I've said it before and I will say it again -- I will NEVER buy from this seller again. Period. :nogood:
  7. She lurks here too, and definitely doesn't like to be discussed on the board... :bagslap:

  8. did you guys see that she also has a mamma mia in tutti?? I thought they weren't making the mamma mia in anymore prints??? wonder where she got it from.......
  9. Oh, man. I was afraid of this. I've been lurking too, and I don't want to be accused of lurking just to scoop information to my benefit. I lurk because even though I'm a Toki lover, I'm way, way older than most of you, and I feel kind of lame posting here - like I'm trying to hang out with the young, hip kids.

    But I just sold SisterBlue an Inferno Bambino, and I don't want her to think I'm lurking to do "market research." Yes, I'm selling some Tokis on eBay, but not to make a lot of money - just to subsidize my new addiction and to make the Toki hunting more fun! It allows me to buy Tokis, and satisfy that need to buy more Tokis, even when I know it's not in my budget. It's not as satisfying as buying them to keep, but it's something.

    So now that I've outed small but growing collection:

    Foresta Trenino
    Foresta Portatelephono
    Inferno Trenino
    Inferno Bambinone
    Inferno Bambino
    Arancia Nuvola
    Arancia Dolce
    Arancia Portatelephono

    And here are the things for which I lust:​

    Cucciolo Notte
    Denaro Foresta
    Denaro Inferno
    Citta Ciao
    Anything Foresta
  10. Psssh you shouldn't just lurk around because you're afraid of being 'too old'. There isn't an age limit to toki - anyone can own it~ You should definitely post more!! We're all friendly here :yes:
  11. The Ala Moana Lesportsac store in Hawaii got their Tutti shipment the other day and there were Mamma Mia's included... so they exist somewhere! :drool: Tragically, my Nordstrom's didn't have any when I was there last night.