Playground Mamma

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  1. Does anyone knew where I can still get one and how much would you pay if you find one? I'm absolutely in love with the mamma style and playground print.. :sad:

  2. I dont remember ever seeing a playground mamma on eBay (tan one w/ girls). I have a black cammo mamma but those are rare too. The mamma's are very rare :sad:
  3. yeah they are! i didnt even know it existed lol until you took a picture of them :biggrin: ...i would have probably loved the mamma... :biggrin:
  4. There was actually one on eBay about a month ago. I was outbidded 2 minutes before the auction ended. I was keeping an eye on the auction the whole time but 5 minutes before it ended my boss called me so I wasn't looking.. I'm still a bit upset about it. It had a great placement too.. :crybaby:
  5. i want a mamma too :sad: i saw the one that ended a while back only after it ended... there haven't been more i've seen since then!
  6. Can a mamma fit A4??
  7. If you mean legal size paper, no I dont think so, because looking at the measurement of mamma mias its 8.75 x 12.5 x 5.5 in, the mamma is smaller than this.
  8. Hi vmasterz, thanks for the prompt reply!! Really appreciate it.
  9. :welcome:, love your latte avatar! :biggrin:
  10. they're just the cutest things! an original print mamma was my first Tokidoki bag ever...

    it's even practical to use if you're not carrying around a whole lot. i think it might hold the same amount as a bambinone maybe. def. more than the dolce or bambino, IMO.
  11. Yeah, ur best bet is eBay! Those are very hard to find normally and the playground print came out summer 06 so that makes it quite rare. Wish you luck!
  12. I'm always on e-bay so I'll keep an eye out. I haven't seen one in a while though. I remember seeing an original print mamma a looong time ago from a seller on my island. It looked cute.
  13. Heres a pic of a Mamma...cuteness!

  14. yup its too cute!!!
  15. I never thought I would like the original print...even though I tried to let it grow on me like the cammos did- but this one's cute!!!!!!