Playground in the outlets?

  1. I know this is dumb and late, but I'd like a tan playground something. I don't know why it took me so long to like it, since it has lattes and good stuff on it....I bet I can convince my husband to get a bag with lattes on it!
    Do any of the outlets have anything left? :confused1:
  2. I emailed all the outlets except for HI (I was in search of a playground canguro), and they're all sold out of tan playground stuff.
  3. They were all sold out a while ago :sad: They may have some of the camo left though~ Camo is good too, it has a lot of great characters (all of my personal favorites).
  4. Boo, I kinda figured they were out, but I dared to hope...

    WHY did I have to realize I wanted one NOW? Sheesh. I've been thinking about the black cammo, because it does have lots of characters on it....I'm still not sold on it, though.

    Ah well.
  5. I think you might have to eBay it. Or beg TokiliciousJenY to sell you something... she must have, what, like at least 10 playground things. What styles are your looking for?

    I've been thinking about black cammo too. But every time I have to talk myself out of it, even though they have pretty good deals, bc dammit, I don't even *like* it... I just feel like I *ought* to get one to have a 'complete' collection... I am nutters. I need my DH to do this ... :noggin:
  6. The main reason I want a playground is because they have bastardino and lattes....and yeah, that's basically the only reason I want a cammo. I don't actually LIKE the print, I just like the characters ON the print.


    Maybe I can just get a latte tshirt instead....
  7. don't get it!!! Try and find a regular playground instead.. you can get teh lattes and bastardino on it, and they will be bigger too!!!
  8. Yeah, maybe someone will offer up a playground....that would be nice...and I could convince my husband that I need it, too, cause of latte and bastardino!

  9. Camo playground has bastardino and the lattes too, I love it:heart:
  10. I don't have anything in Playground either, and I don't even like Bella or Bella Bella... but then after reading all the obsessions of so many Playgroundholics on here, I have to say this print has started to grow on me too, and I will be satisfied with only a small item, maybe a Caramella...
  11. it grew on me too... so much that i did buy one and i think i got the last of the playground bella at Shampton (it was in another thread i think that someone posted 30 min after me saying they were sold out)

    which btw came today! I'll make a new thread a post pictures after work tonight :yahoo:
  12. Congrats on your new acquisition :woohoo:
  13. congrats! :biggrin: