Playground Cammo

  1. Does anyone know where I can get a playground cammo bag (preferrably in any of the handbag styles or a buon viaggio). Thank you!
  2. i saw a few on e-bay... i think a couple were buon viaggios!!
  3. The seattle lesportsac outlets still have them, you can call and see what styles they have! Hope this helps!
  4. Which one are you looking for cammo olive or cammo black :confused1:
  5. you can try calling woodbury outlet. They have em around a month ago, not sure if they still have it now, but worth trying ;)
  6. I'm looking for a cammo olive. :sad:
  7. I just got one today that was shipped to me from the Seattle Outlet. (It took a week to get it) Its a black cammo ciao. Its cute! I got it for $71 !!! The best thing was that it didn't matter what "placement" I had for it....the characters are small enough that I got them all I think!
  8. Congrats!
  9. Thanks for all your help everyone! I got a Cammo Olive Playground Bella Bella for $89 at the Woodbury Commons Outet! :yahoo:The SA was really nice. I think her name was DeeDee.
  10. Wow! That's a fantastic price! Much better price than mine was! Did you happen to ask them what other prints they had?
  11. Nope, sorry. :sad: I only asked if they had the playground cammo olive. She said she had bella bella, bella, canguro, luna, and campeggio. Here's the number if you want to ask them what they have (845) 928- 3328.
  12. Sandy, do they do a chargesend?
  13. Congrats!! I have that purse too!! You're gonna :heart: it!! My sis bought it for me for Christmas but the outlets must have lowered their prices on the older items b/c it was $111 outlet price...I bet they marked them down another 20% !!
  14. Crap, I want a bella bella olive cammo too!