Playground Bella

  1. Why is this so hard to find? I have been searching everywhere. I got outbid on one last sad!:crybaby:
  2. Aw, is it that hard to find? I think the ones on eBay are kinda high but heyyy alot of people are looking for Tan PG eh?
  3. Yeah they are usually at least $150 or more:sad:
  4. I guess I lucked out with mine at like $130 then huh? Man..good luck in your search though. I do'nt think much people are really wanting to give up their Tan PGs.
  5. Thank you...I am going to keep searching until I find one for $130 or less..I have faith!:smile:
  6. I think it's funny that tan PG seems to be a favorite of many, but no one likes the tan background of Famiglia... :smile:

  7. i was thinking the same thing. i guess its because IMO there is a lot more color on the tan playground
  8. Yeah, I agree- funny the dots on the Famiglia just have a "granny" feel to it- also, seems more brown then beige which is really neutral:smile:
  9. :lol: even though famiglia has lots of my fav characters ..I'll still chose PG over famiglia any day!
  10. I think for me it's because there's more of that ugly brown color on the Famiglia than on the Tan PG...I guess idk..lmfao.................