Played Out??

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  1. i am thinking about buying a White MC Pochette do you think it's a way too common LV?? i am afraid of that :sad: do you think it is something that will stand the test of time??
    and lastly is there a age limit to wear this line?
    i saw this lady with a fake MC speedy she looked silly on her because she was a older woman and plus it was fake of course
  2. over priced! i'd buy used if i was going to buy one. Otherwise its a cool bag if you dont carry a lot.
  3. The MC Pochette was my first bag. If you like it, go for it!
  4. I think if you like it, it doesn't matter. As far as common, I have the speedy in the mono and know many other woman have it. As a matter of fact I was in old town Pasadena last Saturday and saw two people back to back with the same bag...and one of them was a guy (personally thought it was adorable). But that isn't going to stop me from wearing my bag happily and proudly. So in other words, get it if you like it. ;)
  5. I am not a huge fan of the MC collection--I do have the white MC bandeau though. The pochette or the wapity case would be the only 2 bags I would consider purchasing to use on an evening out. I don't think there is an 'age limit' to this line....but personally, I think I'm too old for it and I'm 25. I say go to the boutique and try on a few bags, if you are really in love with them, then buy, if not no harm done. :smile:
  6. If you worry about these things, it'd be safer to get Azur at the moment. It's very feminine, but still not as "girly" and playful as multicolour. It's also still quite fresh.

    However there's definetly no age limit on the multicolour design, and if you really want it and like it a lot I see no reason why you shoulden't get it. What LV has at any moment is in fashion more or less, even though everything's not considered as fresh anymore. If it wasen't popular it would've probably been discontinued quickly. They're still releasing new styles in this print, it's more or less turning into a semi classic as an alternative to the regular monogram. IMO
  7. I think the MC pochette is really cute but its very expensive for its small size. I would get something bigger, in Azur, like Liberté said.
  8. I love MC...if you really like it, get it, otherwise, get something you won't worry about being out of fashion or not.
    I think a lot of us agree that it won't ever be "out", but if you're worrying about it now before you even have anything in the line then you should probably get something else.
  9. if i do get it i well get it used i agree $590 is crazy for that i would get a speedy 25
  10. I would buy one used.
  11. ITA...I've only thought of getting the pochette, wapity, wallets, and cles from this line, if at all. I would get an agenda, but that's a waste of money for me as I don't use agendas, period (I have a very "unstructured" agenda/diary I use time and again). As pretty as MC is, I don't have the guts to use the items...I feel like I'm too old for them and I'm just 22. And it doesn't look too professional for me, esp. with the career I'm aiming for :shame: . Not hating on anyone else who loves them! I think it looks great on several pfers.

    After hearing one person saying how she thought an older woman looked ridiculous with her cerises speedy, I just want to stay away from LV lines--at least when it comes to bags--that are too trendy for me (vernis will be an exception)...

    But if you really like MC, go for it! It's a line a lot of people love, and it's probably bound to stick around for a long time. I'm just a minority who doesn't really care for it. :sweatdrop:
  12. I love MC, but don't think I can carry it off - so I just ended up getting the MC Pouchette because I wanted something in the line & I attach it to the inside of my other purses.
  13. I still think it's really cool, personally the white seems more timeless to me than the black would. It's fun to jazz up an outfit!

  14. I agree! Its really cute for Spring and Summer! I had both the white and black pochettes but have since sold them (I got them b/c I thought they would've been limited ed!!) ...I definately liked the white one better!
  15. i think it'll last and there's definitly no age limit for MC (authentic MC of course) ... go for one if u really like it, i adore mine so much!!!!