Playboy cosmetics

  1. Have you tried it? I saw it at Henry Bendel and was VERY hesitant to try it. But the SA was super friendly and I gave it. I bought their concealer and I liked it! Very creamy and lasted long! I also have their lip gloss (called Hef's favorite lip gloss) and I LOVE it!!!!!! One of the best lip glosses I have ever tried!
  2. I can't get past the branding... Good to hear they make a good product. I wonder who manufactures it? I work for a cosmetics company that produces celebrity fragrances, we do a great job I have to say. Speaking from a consumer standpoint, I can understand when my friends tell me that they can't get past the brand representation.
  3. Uhhh, at Bendel's? I'm shocked, I would not expect to find Playboy Cosmetics anywhere but Kmart. There's no really enough irony/tongue-in-cheek for me to ever purchase a Playboy lipstick.
  4. Their make-up is not bad!!!!! It's kinda fun! Just like I said earlier, I was VERY hesitant to try it but since I'll try anything once, I went for me and bought a couple of things!
  5. Hey likeafeather, no no no, it's totally cool that you like their makeup!! To each her own, right?? I just like stuffy old lady cosmetics! lol

    What's their pricing like?
  6.'s ok! I like stuffy old-lady cosmetics, too! Their pricing is a little on the expensive side. Well, I guess I expected K-Mart prices when I first saw it. But it's more like Lancome and Clinique price-wise. So, for example, their lip gloss was somewhere around $14-16 (I don't remember now).
  7. no way I could pull out a PB lipstick with a straight face.
  8. I'll try it! Maybe it will be at TJ Maxx in 6 months like the Dessert Beauty stuff is now...
  9. I can't get past the name either, although my husband would like it.
  10. A few years back MAC had a special edition playboy lipstick and cream blush/eyeshadow, it was super cute
  11. Divadarlinn is right! I still have the MAC for Playboy lipstick, and because of the success of Playboy for MAC, I found out that's the reason why they launched the Playboy Cosmetics line.
  12. ...Just to clarify, MAC didn't launch the new line, I found out a company called "High Maintenance Cosmetics" did. Don't know if they test on animals though... : (
  13. Same here...:Push: