Play virtual DEAL OR NO DEAL

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  1. Sorry if this is a double post.

    The first time that I played, I won $10.00, the second time I had the million in my suitcase and i sold the damn thing for $120,000. That God it was only a virtual game or I would have been suicidal right now. :crybaby:
  2. The first time I played I won the million dollars. To bad, its not real life. Then I played again and won 375,000.
  3. He he!!! I went all the way to the end and my case ended up holding $500,000.00!!!:nuts::wlae: Of course this would have never happened to me if I was on the show!!!:wacko::lol:
  4. How fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanx for the link!
  5. Thanks for the link! I played & ended up with $100.00 LOL

  6. Same here, I played twice, the first time it sucked, got $1! But the 2nd time I got $500,000. I played both times until the end - might as well since it isn't real money!
  7. I got the million :yahoo:

    Dammit, why won't things like that ever happen to me? lol