Play Day at Neiman Marcus SF

  1. So me, my BF's mom, and my friend Tammy (Who is also my BF's, brother's, girlfriend) all went to SF to play with B-bags while I waist for my Emerald Courier to arrive and my BF's mom's Marron Weekender to arrive (Tammy is waiting on a LV Epi Noir Segur MM and Keepall 55) and we had so much fun that my BF's mom decided she could not wait and brought home a Truffle City!!:heart:

    She was all stuffing her other bags into her new B-bag and hiding the dust bag and shopping bag so her husband wouldn't notice that she bought ANOTHER bag.

    I'm so proud that I got her hooked on B-bags!!:yahoo:

    Hehe--Pretty soon I will be banned form hanging out with them. I got Tammy to buy $400 of jeans and $1500 of hand bags in just the last month and my BF's mom to spend $2500 on handbags just this WEEK:angel:

    I'm so bad!!!:P
  2. I might go there next week - can you tell me what they had? I am interested in the Purse style. Any other stores in SF that carry them?
  3. Hee hee..sounds fun!
  4. I saw only 1 Purse there in Sapin (It didn't look like Emerald)

    Lots of Blue Roi, Truffle, and Grenat
    Greige Twiggy
    Rouge Vif Courier and whistle bag
    Sapin Hobo
    2 Hong Kong LE Cow Print City bags (Not a huge fan and the SA was trying to push it on me and insisted I try it on and it SHED all over my favorite peacoat! ARGH!!)
    A couple of toile bags
  5. They also had an Emerald Courier, a white bowling bag, and a camel afternoon bag.

    That's all I can recall from memory.

    No Box styles left.
  6. thanks - you may save me a trip. Great memory! ANy other places in SF? Saks?
  7. I didn't visit Saks and Bloomies did not have any B-bag. And everyone got tired so we didn't go visit Susan's.
  8. Really sounds great fun. I would love to have friends like that to shop with!
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