Platinum Weddings

  1. Has anyone else watched this show? I absolutely love watching it. I have gotten so many great ideas. And it's fun watching brides plan their weddings with no budget. Some of the things I think are a little over the top, but the weddings have all been beautiful!
  2. I love that show as well. *sigh* A girl can dream, can't she?
  3. :smile:
  4. It's a guilty pleasure watching this show. My SO is like, "Now, don't get any ideas now!" :p
  5. lol

    My SO can forget it. :p I have already decided that I want a Reem Acra gown. I think they are stunning!
  6. I have only seen it once, because a friend was the maid of honor...

    The one in the wine country was the one.
  7. I haven't seen that one yet. That may be one of the ones I recorded but haven't watched yet.
  8. ^^^let me know what you think if you see it...I have some interesting things to say, but dare not say them on a public forum in case someone knows the bride ;)
  9. I love it. All of the weddings are gorgeous.
  10. I think I have seen 3 & this was one of them. Very nice wedding!
    The one I found so disturbing was the one that went through Times Square. The bride was so focused on being the "star," would people think their famous, people will want to know who they are, etc
    This seemed to be all she cared about, unbelievably psychopathic.

  11. The one that bothered me was the one with the two attorneys in Laguna Beach. She really came off to me as a golddigger who had never experienced anything nice. I was sick of her talking about feeling like a princess.

    I thought the Times Square one was kind of tacky myself. Especially that parade foolishness. And then going to Toys R'Us to ride a ferris wheel? NOT my cup of tea.

    I will see if the one in the wine country will be part of the repeats being shown tomorrow.
  12. The ferris wheel was a bit much! LOL

    I think I saw the one in wine country, did they hang chandeliers out in the trees? She wore Louboutins? And they almost lost them?
  13. This is the most obnoxious behaviors a bride can do. Shows that they are so focused on themselves & not what a wedding really means.

    There was one this AM that was in Cabo. No once did she mention money, being a princess, will people think I'm a celebrity, etc. No blantant flaunting of jewelry or money. In fact I don't think we ever saw her ring. Gorgeous setting, beautiful wedding. A class act.
  14. I saw that one! Loved it. And you are right...there was none of that nauseating bragging.
  15. Yep, that was the one!