Platinum Plating - White Gold Inquiry!


Dec 9, 2007
I have seen jewelery that is platinum plated.

I was wondering if I could get some of my 14K white gold items platinum plated so that I do not have to rhodium plate them anymore. Also, I enjoy the natural patina that occurs with platinum items.

I know people rhodium plate their gold items........but can we platinum plate them instead???

Thanks in advance for the insight!



Apr 6, 2008
Hi there,

I can imagine rhodium plating and platinum plating would give an item the same appearance. The platinum "patina" occurs because of how the metal wears over time. Platinum has a play-dough like quality ( for lack of better analogy)- when scratched, the metal is not removed, but just moved around, creating a "roughed-up" look under magnification or what people see as a "patina".
The platinum plating would be a very thin layer and would have not enough substance to it to achieve the same patina as a solid platinum ring. The plating would be worn off before any patina could be achieved

- just my thoughts on the subject. :idea: