Platinum Ossidato and Ottone Question

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  1. Are these colors too similar to justify owning both? Thanks for your opinions.
  2. They are quite different though their base color are both gold...ottone is more of a pale matte champaign color while ossidato is more of a rustic vintage brass color...I think owing both would definitely be justifiable
  3. if one can be so lucky as to have both, why not? overall they don't look too similar and on its own each is just TDF
  4. I think owning both would be amazing.
  5. IMO I don't see them as similar at all.
  6. Gosh, you described them well! If you saw them next to each other you wouldn't think they were very similar. They each have a different "vibe", if that makes any sense. The Ossidato is more fashion forward IMO, and Ottone is a (to me) classic matte light champagne (foxie-pooh, I'm stealing your words:graucho:) look. Both are stunning.:yes:
  7. Both are gorgeous, the ossidato bags are more shiny than ottone (although ottone has a lovely sheen in the light it catches on the sparkles in the bag). The ottone I have has a cream base whereas the ossidato has a black base. The only full intrecciato bags in the ossidato that I have seen are the cabat though. The others like the bucket tote, wallet and clutch only have the intrecciato swirls.
  8. I'm glad this question was brought up.

    I initially thought they are both similar as they're both metallics, hence wanting them both is being too obssessive!

    But after talking to BV SAs in California & New York, I have to agree that they each give a different look.
  9. In terms of vibes:
    Ossidato --> rock chick
    Ottone --> lady of leisure

    I saw both side by side (as cabats) today at a BV store, and actually preferred the look of the ossidato, although ottone is, by now, almost legendary. But I agree that over time, ottone would probably be more enduring as a wardrobe all-rounder. :yes:
  10. Unfortunately I've never seen either one IRL... But it sounds like they are different enough to justify having both!
  11. I played with cabat in both colours the other day and they definitely give different impressions. As foxie-pooh fabulously put it, ottone is a fine champagne (now I know why I like it so much...), while ossidato to me is an art of gladiator/armour. I wouldn't have any problem in justifying owing both, but funding is another story.:Push:
  12. They are quite different, with the ossidato having that oxidized look and effect (i don't know italian, but am guessing ossidato means oxidized), while ottone is a richer and full-bodied gold. Having both would be lovely!!
  13. Like everyone else, I think that both colours are very different IMO. While both have a metallic sheen, the Ottone is a true gold, whereas the Ossidato has that layer of darker tone painted on the Platinum to give that oxised effect.

    If money wasn't an issue, I would snap both colours up in a heartbeat! :yes:
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