Platinum Lizard Havana Hobo vs. Goldrush Havana Hobo. Opinions Please!

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am trying to decide between the Havana Hobo in Platinum Lizard or Goldrush. I wanted some opinions regarding the colors and the leather. I like the texture of the PL but I am attracted to the gold color of the Goldrush. Is the gold on the Goldrush very bright? Any info would be helpful.
    Thanks much!!!!:biggrin:
  2. I had a Goldrush Lorca (very briefly) me that color wasn't a really bright gold...more of a muted tannish gold if that makes sense...I am sure someone out there has some comparison pics ;)
  3. I can't compare the Platinum Lizard with Goldrush, but I can tell you Goldrush is really hard to photograph. It looks different in every photo. It's sort of a bronze-gold... I was a little disappointed it wasn't the pale gold it appeared it be on HH's site.

    Here's a pic of the Goldrush Lido wallet I used to have. This was the most accurate I could get the color to look. Hopefully it's a good representation of it.

  4. Thanks for the info Amanda and Nishita!! Maybe I should just go with the Platinum Lizard. I like the texture and the pale gold color.

    You are right Nishita, the gold looks a lot paler in color in other pictures.

  5. Kika5 -
    so, I take it that you have SEEN and FELT the PL IRL?????

    IF not, than that would make a big difference.......I believe there is a big difference in texture between the two leathers/colors......

    The Goldrush DOES have a bronze undertone to is NOT a true gold and not blingy AT ALL.

    Here are some pics for you:
    Attached Thumbnails[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

  6. Here's a color comparison of Platinum Lizard vs. Goldrush[​IMG][​IMG]
  7. Thanks for the pics!! I WISH I could see them in person.
    so that I could compare them. That's the problem. I only have pictures to go on. They don't carry HH bags in my neck of the woods :tdown:.
  8. Thanks!! I really like the PL havana. Which color do you like best Chodessa?
  9. Kika5
    ah.....that is IMPORTANT. The only PL item I have is a Ramone cuff and the leather is NOT as soft as my other Ramones and my Goldrush is very soft and yummy.....but not as soft as other metallic or embossed leathers.

    To be safe, ask chodessa to compare the textures for you.

    Also, I think the PL has a more silver tone to it....BUT, I MAY be wrong.

    Hope this helps - I know, confusing, but we're here to help:P
  10. I like the PL better for a Havana. BUT, I think it is a light color and therefore I consider it a summer bag.
    The GoldRush is good for every season in my opinion, but I like Goldrush in small doses.. I think I'd have problems wearing it as a bag. However, HH makes great metallics.
    But that's just my opinions in regards to my wardrobe.
    Hope that helps!
  11. Thanks Ladies!! you guys are awesome!!!
  12. gheez or she-at...I just re-read my post and it makes NO sense....

    what I was trying to say is.....
    the metallic and embossed leathers are NOT as soft as the standard leathers on the Lorca. BUT....I consider my Goldrush pretty soft.


    Kika5, you are most welcome.
  13. No problem...Go it!!
    After looking around at other posts and pics I'm now trying to decide between a Blueberry Trophy or an ICP Havana Hobo. I actually got caught up in the HH frenzy and bought a Brandy Trophy and a VCP Havana Hobo. They should be here next week!! YAY!! Now, I can't stop!!!!!! I want more..AHHHH!
    I think I like the Blueberry Trophy :smile:
  14. I have the PL Havana & I LOVE it! It is a soft gold but very pretty & looks really great with the matching Ibiza slide. I think the PL it a very rich yet & subtle color. However with a Havana you can't go wrong. It is an awesome bag!
  15. I recently got a Blueberry Sloane & I LOVE the color! It is such a saturated & bright blue. If you are hankering a blue I don't think you would be disappointed with this one!