Platinum E-ring + White Gold Wedding Band?

  1. Hello everyone, my engagement ring is on its way and I can't wait to be engaged to my SO!! I'll post pics as soon as the time is right :graucho:.

    My edwardian ring is platinum with a 1.18 cw E color diamond. In the interest of saving money, I wonder if anyone ever pairs a platinum e-ring with a white gold wedding band? It seems like people tend to match the same metals together. Would this look strange?
  2. I'm pretty sure that over time they may look different....
  3. I would love to see a pic of the E-ring....congrats!
  4. I would imagine that the gold would yellow over time...maybe i should just go for a plain platinum band.
  5. Some people say over time you can tell, but my sister-in-law has a platinum e-ring and a white gold band and you can't tell. They are both carved (Tacori style) so maybe that's why they look the same.
  6. I have a platinum e-ring and a white gold band. I guess it depends on what the band looks like. Only in the back I can tell it's different, but not from the front. LOL hope that made sense?
  7. Is your band is intricately engraved?
  8. I work for a jeweler here in KC and we see it all the time. Just make sure that if you solder them that the jeweler knows that one is platinum and one is white gold. It's really not at all uncommon!
  9. Wow, thanks! I am surprised that it's not uncommon. Can you tell the difference at all? Do the colors of the metals ever look mismatched?
  10. I personally wouldn't mix the metals - white gold does discolor and needs replating periodically. I'm a bit anal, but I would notice the shade difference.
    Honestly, the price difference is not that significant... although platinum is about double the price, for the years that you're wearing it, it's negligable.
  11. I'm pretty anal about stuff like that, too. The rings I'm looking at come in both white gold and platinum, and the price difference is about 300-400. Like you said though, it's a ring I'll wear for a lifetime. It's probably better to get one that I don't have mixed feelings about :yes:.
  12. Oh gosh, for $400, definitely stay with the platinum!
    The rings are one thing I've never regretted spending money on for the engagement/wedding... if you do need to scrimp, there's a lot of other areas where you can cut out $400 and no one will notice!
  13. it would depend if it bothered you to have both matching or not, one of my coworkers had three rings on her ring finger...her e-ring which was platinum, her wedding band which was gold and her anniversary ring was pink gold...clearly she didnt care how it looked cuz it was given to her by her dh :biggrin:
  14. Contrary to what most people think, platinum isn't really white - the shinyness of a new piece just makes it look like it. After it patinas with microscopic scratches and dings, it's true color becomes more apparent (it's kind of a grey color). White gold isn't really white either, it's just yellow gold mixed with white metal alloys and eventually the yellow will show through with age. So come five, ten years down the road, your rings can and likely will be two different colors.

    I would also be concerned for your engagement ring because white gold is harder than platinum is. Your wedding band would probably abrade your e-ring.
  15. I asked this same question a few months ago. The majority of the comments were that the white gold would eventually turn yellow and that the two ring would look different with time. I went ahead and got a platinum wedding band. It bothered me to know that they may change and not look the same.