Platinum blondes??

  1. Hello! I am thinking of getting my medium blonde hair dyed to a platinum blonde, a la Jessica Simpson.

    I have a few questions:

    -how often will I need to get my roots touched up? Right now I go every 8 weeks, and I am assuming that I will need to go more frequently if I go this light.

    -how is this platinum blonde color achieved? Through highlights, or over all color process??

    -what are some great products to nourish this color, as I am sure it is drying to the hair.

  2. Jessica Simpson isn't really a platinum blonde. A platinum blonde is more like Gwen Stefani or the current Christina A look, a la Marilyn Monroe.

    I was platinum blonde for a few years. I dyed my roots every two weeks. It looks SOOO tacky to be platinum with dark roots.

    I had my hair double-processed to achieve the desired shade. Then put a platinum toner on it. The double- process is basically bleach like you use when you highlight your hair ALL over your head. My hair is very dark naturally though.

    It definately eats your hair and I used Ion treatments from Sally's beauty supply. They worked great.

    To achieve Jessica's shade I would use an all-over light blonde shade and then add all-over highlights.
  3. Ohhh OK thanks so much for the advice!! LOL glad to know that I wasn't thinking of 'platinum'!!!

    I love the look of Christina and Gwen's hair, but I think it would be alittle too light for me:smile:

    BTW--I am a sucker for blondes but you look beautiful burnette!! :smile:
  4. Aww thanks! I am liking the brunette but I chage it back and forth ALOT! LOL

    Yeah I didn't want you to go into any salon and ask for platinum blonde or you would be disappointed! LOL
  5. My natural hair color is an ash blonde but I have it the same color I think you are looking for, its the Jessica Simpson color. Mine was done by highlights. My hairdresser just bleaches my natural color its quick because of the light color it already is. The conditioner recommended by my hairdresser is called REDKEN All Soft, it is so awsome for dry or brittle hair. Good luck on your new color!
  6. Thanks so much ladies!! :smile:
  7. mine is somewhere between jessica and gwen's color, more ashy/white than golden. my natural color is medium brown but it takes bleach really well without getting brassy...most people with brown hair need bleach and toner. it took me three visits of full weave highlights with LOTS of foils and very very skinny highlights to get it to the shade i was looking for. i get my roots done every 3/4 weeks. each salon visit is about 2 hours.

    it's super important to have a good hydrating shampoo and conditioner, as well as a leave in. i don't blow dry my hair (i let it dry in a pony tail) and only straighten if i'm going somewhere (maybe 2-3x a week). i use a blue shampoo/conditioner once or twice a week (arTec white violet, aveda blue malva, etc) to keep the brassies away.

    i :heart::heart::heart: being blonde, but it's a lot of matience and not for everyone. and it's imparative you get a colorist you trust. also i've found it's best to cut out pictures of the color you like...even jessica is more golden some days than others and like syntagma pointed out one person's platinum is another person's golden, honey or wheat. :smile:
  8. Thanks for all the info!!

    Any shampoo/conditioner recommendations?
  9. i use joico k-pak on my clients, it is a great reconstuctor for after lightening your hair. and paul mitchell also has a strenghtening treatment that is great too. i use these on myself, too. oh, and matrix has a good leave in conditioner called instacure- i can't live without it!!
  10. my favorite leave in is sebastian potion 9. i cannot live without it.

    joico kpak is awesome (smells like bananas too) as is ojon hair oil treatment (does not smell as nice). like i said above i change my shampoos/conditioners a lot, but lately i've been loving davine's nounou line and arTec white violet (only 1-2x/week). i've also heard good things about keratease masque intense, but haven't had the chance to try it myself. look for milky looking shampoos and really really thick conditioners....they'll be the most moisturizing.
  11. Oooh thanks everyone!!! Great suggestions!!

    BTW Ilzabet, I use the Kerastaste Masque Intense for fine hair and I loooove it!!! :smile:
  12. another good thing is to do oil treatments on ur hair twice a week or so.
    heat up some olive oil in the microwave and then slather it all over your hair
    and cover it with a shower cap ,someone recommended using a warm towel out of the dryer too.
    I usually leave it on over night but I guess an hour or a bit more would be fine too.

    this will help your hair looooads. =)
  13. GREAT tip!! I will have to try it! Thanks:smile:
  14. nps :smile: don't forget to shampoo your hair at least twice thoroughly and I heard that you don't need to use conditioner but I do :P but it makes your hair feel awesome ^^
  15. Cool!! I need to go to the store and pick up some olive oil:smile: