Platinum Blonde Highlights w/ Dark Brown Hair??

  1. I'm thinking of highlighting my hair again..
    I have dark brown hair and I haven't dyed it for a year and I feel like I need a change for winter. Does anyone have any pictures? I need some ideas because I'm not sure if I want to do my whole head or just a minimum amount of highlights. I was thinking of highlighting my whole head EXCEPT for the top layer because my hair grows out so fast that I don't want the roots to start coming in and I have to get touch ups, once every two weeks. It might look funny though..
    My boyfriend says I should leave my hair the way it is, but I am so bored with it.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
  2. maybe some nice caramel or honey highlights? personally i don't think platinum looks great with dark hair but then I kinda like things to look natural but enhanced IYKWIM?
  3. ^ I agree. Don't put platinum over dark brown. You should gradually highlight your hair with a caramel or honey color and I would highlight all over, not just the underside of your hair. If you don't like it, wait a couple of weeks and dye it back brown.
  4. I was in the same boat and just had like a gloss done over whole head. It gave me some different tones for a while and now I need to do something again cause it all washed away. You could just go in and do that if you dont like the roots issue (thats why I did it)

    Or just do some chunky highlights but dont do that skunky look. I think that fad is over. Stick with a few shades up, but nothing drastic. It wont look right.
  5. i agree w/ the other ladies.... you may find yourself on the back page of glamour mag w/ a black bar over your eyes. that's just way too much contrast, and up keep. go to a colorist and see what they recommend.

  6. That's my favorite part of Glamour!! HAHAHA!
  7. Personally, now I found out most guys like girls with a multi-dimensional, ONE toned hair dye job (low-lights yess, hi-lights no). I know alot of my straight guy friends and I find that highlights were too BACK THEN, in our honest opinion.

    (haha I had a lil convo bout make up and hair with my straight guy friends x__x)
  8. that's my favorite part too...
  9. Mine too, lol.
  10. i wouldn't do platinum blond and really dark. that's a hair DON'T, in my book. my hair is dyed very dark, almost black, and my hairdresser did a reddish cast to it last time, and i adore it. it gives it a lot of dimension, but i don't have visible hilights, and since my natural hair is fairly dark, you don't notice grow-out at all. i'd try changing your hair's undertones before you get hilights.
  11. Try Redken EQ glazes, they add different tones and colors to your hair, without damaging it. Some salons provide the service and you can also do it your self. It washes out to a rich color.
  12. i think caramel highlights look great w/ dark brown hair. i have dark brown/almost black hair myself and i've had pretty light blonde (not platinum though) highlights before. i think it can be a nice summer look but it can be high maintenance. i prefer the darker highlights i have now. i plan to keep them for awhile. oh and i always did a partial highlight. i don't find it makes too much difference and i try not too highlight more than i have to. it takes FOREVER as is (i have a TON of hair).

    good luck! i'm sure it'll look great regardless of what you choose!
  13. I don't like platinum over dark colored hair, it looks really unnatural to me. I think you should try some chesnut/caramel colored highlights.
  14. I'd go with the caramel. Anything lighter might not look good. Plus, if they're subtle they'll grow out really well and look like naturally sunned hair.
  15. Okay, I'm going to go against the grain of what every one else is saying, but I think as long as you go to a really good stylist and realize that it will take a lot of upkeep, then I think you can do it. I have naturally very, very, very dark brown, almost black hair, and I have mine highlighted with a very light blond and red streaks throughout. And so far, it's working out pretty well for me. Here's a picture of it, so that hopefully you can get a slightly better idea of what it might look like.....

    *Please ignore the crappy picture taking abilities, I was just snapping a quick picture to show a couple of my friends.*