Platinum allergy?

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  1. Has anyone ever heard of someone being allergic to platinum? I thought it isn't possible to be allergic to that metal however my my left ring finger has been reacting to my wedding band. I know it's platinum because I picked it out myself at Tiffanys three years ago. Any thoughts?
  2. I never heard of that either. I'm not sure it's the platinum because it took three years to react to the band. Stop wearing it and see what happens.
  3. i have a nickel allergy that causes me to stay away from white gold. i am fine with yellow gold but prefer white metal. i have used platinum and have no problem with it. what kind of reaction are you having with your ring? if it is a wide band sometimes it is the moisture getting under it and causing itching and white looking skin that will become red if it is scratched.:yes:
  4. i have a friend who's husband is allergic to metals (even platinum and titanium). within 30 minutes to an hour of prolonged contact he gets a raised weepy itchy rash. it's apparently really rare though.

    i would say that since it's just showing up after years, it's more likely that you're getting water or something trapped under your ring. sometimes my ring finger starts to get a scaley rash b/c of trapped water and work chemicals (usually if my rings get much tighter or looser). has your ring size recently gone up or down?
  5. Wow! I've never heard of this. I hope I'm not allergic!
  6. Allergic reactions can take some time to develop, but 3 years would be very unsual but not impossible. I agree with Queen, it sounds like irritation is developing from moisture or reaction from ring + soap/lotion ect..

    Hopefully you're not allergic to Platinum.
  7. I went into a fit a few days ago thinking that I had a nickel allergy. (seriously webmd and the web is horrible for checking symptoms, I swear sometimes I think I'll convince myself I have testicular cancer!) haha but anyways! I found that just as people have said it's possible but very rare.

    I'd first clean the rings and leave them off for a few days. Dry then off properly and then try them on again to see if the irritation is still there. After trying again and the symptoms are still there I would get tested by a allergy specialist.
  8. This happened when I started wearing a thick band ring. Moisture and soap was staying under the ring and irritating me. It got so bad that I had to leave it off for a few days and put ointment on it. I now make sure I dry under it every time I wash and never wear it whilst in the shower/bath etc. I don't get the irritation anymore.
  9. It is possible. Rare but not impossible.
  10. LMAO...I agree; webMD's "diagnosis" (I use the term veryyy loosely) can be a bit off sometimes!

    I agree; try to clean and dry the ring, take a few days off from wear, and see what happens.
  11. do you leave your rings on when you wash your hands?

    soap under the ring could be irritating your skin.

    edit: oops, i just saw someone already mentioned this :P
  12. I'd agree that it may be just water/soap irritation--or if you use Purell. That will do it too.