platinum adios & ciao ciao vinyls

  1. I'm seeing these on eBay as a SDCC-only release. I was wondering if there was anyone on this board "in-the-know" who might know if these were ever going to be released again? Before I shell out an obscene amount of cash! :nuts:
  2. The Adios Ciao Ciao Platinum Versions were only exclusive to San Diego Comic Con 2007. The set was only limited to 200 and they sold out immediately. There won't be another release on this colorway (200 made and that's it!). They sold for $25 a piece.
  3. YAY Leen is "in-the-know" but yeah they did sell out pretty soon. I tried to get another set friday morning for another person and they were sold out O_O that was only the 2nd official day of comic-con too!
  4. I grabbed a set at Comic Con on Friday, but I was at the booth about half an hour after the doors opened. I wish I had gotten two sets so I could gift one of them, they're so adorable! :love:
  5. I got there a while after it opened on Friday since I needed to pick up Mozzarella from home in Irvine that day and then pass by the post office which opened at 7:30 am :sad: so I didn't make it until after they sold out.

    Anywhoo... if anyone is interested I came across 2 sets that are pretty cheap right now considering they retailed for $50 together if anyone wants the platinum adios and ciao ciao I'll also be posting this in the great authentic finds :smile:
  6. awww tehlilone... that was me that wanted them huh? oh well, I paid WAY too much for them on eBay but I :heart: them!!! :tender: