Platinum Abbey

  1. Hi everyone, i'm new to the gucci forum :smile: i have my eye on the platinum trimmed abbey but was wondering a few things before i buy... first of all it says it comes with light gold is the trim a little more gold or silver??? it looks gold in some pictures i've seen and silver in others.. also, do any of you abbey owners have a problem with the tab snap closure?? are you worried about "safety" in terms of access to the inside of the bag?? any pics and replies would be great.. thank you! :heart:
  2. it's all sold the stores...and they emailed me saying it will not be in further collections...i tried ordering one before it was sold out, but i'm not sure if I got it or not
  3. are you sure? i see it's available online at Saks, neiman, and the gucci site itself.. doesn't look sold out to me.. maybe you could order it from these sites :yes:
  4. you are talking about the platinum abbey large tote right? or just any abbey... i'm looking at the site right now and it says the tote is not avalible...
  5. I'd love to see pics if anyone owns a platinum.
  6. ohh no.. i am talking about the "abbey medium shoulder bag" that is trimmed in platinum leather. sorry about any confusion!
  7. NM in Palo Alto had it in their display case this afternoon, maybe tomorrow they will still have it! I have the regular Abbey and I love it, the platinum one was BEAUTIFUL :love:
  8. i have the abbey medium shoulder bag and adore it! the platinum one is a good choice if you love metallics. :smile:
  9. hey nycgirl, i also had the same questions regarding the safety of the bag, i don't know how to put links into messages, but if you do a gucci search, there's a thread i started called "question about abbey's opening" and it talks about it. i own the abbey, and i love it, even with it's opening.
  10. oh btw, it is a wee bit more on the pewter side than gold. :smile:
  11. thanks for all of your replies!! ^^^ hmm..i guess it can swing both ways right? a little silver and a little gold? hehe i'm just worried cause i wanted it to be more gold..i think i am going to go to the gucci store at americana in a few days to see it IRL and if i like it in person i may have a new handbag added to my collection :graucho: :tender:
  12. i really think you will love it IRL! goodluck!
  13. babyhart, thanks for your comment... i will do a search right now :yes: i was thinking about the "safety" of the bag and i figure that while you are wearing it, it should be pretty safe. i don't tend to leave my bags anywhere in public so i guess it should be no problem. the opening can even probably be useful for getting in and out the bag right? i think i'll love it just as much with the opening also :yahoo:

    oh and one more thing..babyhart can you please post pics of the abbey? it would be great if i could see a pic of it on your shoulder and on the crook of your arm.. thanks a lot! :smile:
  14. nycgirl, i dont know if its the same abbey i just know its an abbey but ive got it with brown trim, ill post some pics now (theyre old though and the rooms a mess! i apologise)



  15. abbey pic: