platform shoe codes

  1. just bought these three pair of shoes...thank god i didnt buy them when i had my eye on them at! with the coupon code, i got 30% off and free shipping.

    1. Deer Stags, Inc.

    2. Deer Stags, Inc.

    3. Deer Stags, Inc.

    link: Deer Stags, Inc.

    code: b01d6159c3
  2. they're sooo gorgeous! Why don't they make size 5?? :[
  3. I read on that they run small so if you're a size 5, and you get a 6, just add a half sole and it should fit? for this price and free ship, I'd say at least give it a try...will post pics once I get them.
  4. correction, the smallest size they have is a 5.5, so if you get that, it should fit, without any insert padding
  5. Can you use this along with the 10% that you get for becoming a member on the website?
  6. i wonder if they offer free return shipping .... YAY they do. thanks randr21!:yahoo:
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