Platform Espadrilles: Help me choose

  1. I am nuts over crazy-tall platform espadrilles. Last year I bought a pair of ankle-wrap CL knockoffs from Steven. I love them to pieces (although Target now sells it's own knock-off version). Now the look this season is peep-toe slingbacks. Do I trade my ankle wraps for slingbacks? Which do you prefer?

    Steven Slingbacks?

    or Steven Ankle Wraps?
  2. I love both of them. I think if you are tall you can carry off the ankle straps.
  3. I like the ankle wrap better myself, but they may look better on different people...i guess it depends which ones you like better!
  4. I like the ankle wrap better, but I think the slingbacks are more comfortable...
  5. I'd get the Slingbacks cause they're more comfy ;)
  6. slingbacks, the ankle wrap may be cute, but visually it shortens your legs, so unless you have mile long legs...besides, i'm too lazy to wear the wrap one even though i own several of them.
  7. I like the ankle wraps better! Just think how beautiful they would look on your foot!
  8. Slingbacks.
  9. slingback!
  10. So far the opinions are equally split. Well, I ordered the slingbacks from Zappos yesterday so I hope to be receiving them today. I'll put a slingback on one foot and the ankle wrap on the other, and we'll see what my fiance has to say.
  11. I like the slingbacks better. They make your leg look longer.
  12. I love the slingbacks!
  13. slingbacks, just got a pair myself in yellow =) LOVE CL =)
  14. slingbacks!
  15. Ok, here's the deal...

    I recived the slingbacks today. I am usually a perfect size 7, so ordered the 7's and the 7.5s. My Steven ankle-wraps are 7.5's, and they fit perfect. Wouldn't you know it, neither pair fits. One is too big (the sling slips off), and the other too small (squeezes toes). Fiance likes the ankle-wraps, but I think I'm preferring the slings. I love ankle-wraps, but I also want what's new. Anthropologie sells an identical pair of platform slingbacks (from Castaner, made in Spain), so I think I will try to give them a try. Looks like most of you are choosing the slings, at this point.