plat guy

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  1. just got a call to join a LV shopping spree, can't refuse ther that!

    I once saw a guy with a sac plat and it looked great!
    but I don't know if I want it in monograme or damier!!

    I just want something in monogram.. but I think damier is well, lot more sophisticated. help me out(moddeling pics from either one?):rolleyes:
  2. I don't have one but the Damier makes me drool. So my vote goes for that.
  3. mono:smile:
  4. I own a sac plat in monogram and I love it! It's just a great bag! it fits a lot, even though it doesn't look like it.
    Here goes a couple of modeling pics! Hope it helps!:okay:

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  5. You could be a model, omg so chic!
  6. Thanks! I'm glad you thought so!
  7. The Monogram! It will really compliment its shape with the cute quatrefoils!
  8. Wow! Felipe you look like a model! You and the bag look great together.

  9. Thank you so much!
    Actually I would like for you to know that the main reason why I got this bag in the first place was because I'd seen yours and even though it was an oldie it looked amazing! So I took the plunge!
    Thanks again for the kind compliments!
  10. I would love one in Epi. Hmm, I would go with Damier.
  11. Hey Felipe, I didn't know that you starred in Vuitton's ad campaign! :graucho:


    I'd definitely buy a Sac Plat if this is what I would see in the glossies!
  12. I have the Epi and the mono as well, I want the damier as well :P

    here are the modeling pics:


  13. I love your shirt. It's so cute on the back!...

    What colour is that Epi bag? sorry, probably my monitor...Brown?
  14. I'm a guy and I have the mono. :smile:
  15. stylefiend, it's pepper colour. Discontinued already. :smile: