Plasticey smell in ceries speedy?

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  1. I just got out my ceries speedy and noticed a plasticey smell to it. I don't keep it in a box and I know it's authentic cuz I purchased it from LV when it first came out. Any ideas on how to rid the smell?
  2. it the inside or the outside? Maybe just try keeping it out in the open...maybe near an open window for a few days?
    If it's an inside smell....maybe some febreeze or dryer sheets?
  3. Hmm, what did you keep it together with?
  4. the smell is in the inside, i stored it zipped up and with nothing in it. I'm going to try febreeze:smile:
  5. Yea, try febreeze and see how it goes. If the smell is still there, I think you can bring back to LV and see what they can do about it. I personally have not done that but I remember recently there's a thread about bringing bags to LV for complimentary cleaning and it sounds quite good. :yes:

  6. Hmmm that's kinda weird! I'm sure febreeze or dryer sheets will work well. The febreeze might require a couple of treatments :smile:
  7. Maybe it cause of the humidity :shrugs: