Plastic Tape On Hardware: Leave On/off??


Oscar is a star!
May 31, 2006
R.Nadal rocks!
Hey! I kept my kids stumps! Nothing wrong with that! I also kept their first nail clippings and hair and for my youngest I had a c-section and I kept my staples to remind me of the pain so I won't have any more rotten kids anymore!
Nothing wrong at all, I just hope they are somewhere

Serenity Now

Insanity later
Feb 6, 2006

I just re-read my post.. and just to clarify.. it's "scutes", not scat, in case anyone mis-reads.:roflmfao: But yeah, still sick. Hey, if I had kept snakes (which I wanted to only DH was like :wtf:), I'd have kept their shed skin too.. But that was then... and this is yrs ago...... Now I look back and it's like, "What was I smoking???"
Jun 27, 2006
how did we go from plastic tape on hardware to a dog's tooth, baby's fingernails and stumps???!! u ladies are C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!! crazy funny that is!