Plastic Tape On Hardware: Leave On/off??

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  1. i'm wondering if any of u still leave the plastic tape on ur hardware to prevent scratches. i still have all the plastic on my bags (even the feet) and it's sorta starting to peel off at the corners (which looks bad obviously!) and i'm itching to remove them! anyone here remove them immediately before using ur bags or do u also leave them on until they beg to come off??
  2. I removed it the day I took it out of the house.

    I would love to keep it on to protect it from scratches but I think it hides the beauty of the hw.

    Just do it very fast or tell your dh to do it for you so you don't feel the pain.
  3. I removed plastic tape as soon as I got the bag. I asked SA about the tape when I was at the store the other day and she told me that if left on for a long period of time, it may leave glue stains/scratches.:shrugs:
  4. I feel them off as soon as I take the bag out to use! I never use Birkin/Kelly with plastic film on them...It just does not look right to use the bag with plastic film of it. As cxyvr said, it hides the beauty of the hw.....
  5. Took mine off the minute I got it. Is it common to leave the plastic on?
  6. i take them off, PBC!
  7. thanks ladies....i just removed the ones on my box birkin. it was actually DH who insisted that i leave them on! he's the type to leave the plastic on ANYTHING: cell phones, ipods, the screen to our car radio, etc....u name it!! haha
  8. OK PBC - tell me the story behind your new signature....i see cartier boxes and a birkin there! is it early christmas for you?????
  9. haha pazt!! ur funny! that was LAST YEAR'S paris! i'm hoping this year i'll get the same colored boxes...maybe more oranges!
  10. Ditto what everyone else said. My SA said that leaving plastic on the HW would eventually discolor it and we don't want that!!!
  11. Hey PBC, just so you don't feel alone here. I've left the plastic on my kellys and bikins for a few days before removing them. I think it's just all part of loving your bag so much that you're afraid of the million things that might happend to them, one of them being the h/w being scratched. But after the plastic off it doesn't really matter anymore, you kinda enjoy the bag more I think :smile:
  12. I took mines off the minute I got my birkin - lol!
  13. I'm the loser around here.

    I leave the plastic on until the peeling corners become so unsightly and embarrassing that I am forced to take them off. Then I stick them into a little notebook and label them.
  14. i take it off!
    i take it all off as soon as i use it.
    and with every new bag, i use it immediastely!
  15. I take it off except for the feet. I let those fall off naturally.