Plastic surgery

  1. (I hope this was not posted before)

    Any of you had a plastic surgery?
    I am considering a liposucktion on my thighs and but, but want to hire a trainer and a dietition first.

    what do you think of plastic surgery and lip in particular?
  2. I am going to move this on over to diet and fitness...

    I haven't had any lipo, but I know some ladies here have :smile:
  3. I am thinking about this also. i am curious to the pros and cons. If anyone has before and after pics that would be awesome. Is it true you get fat in other places if you gain weight back. Like do you get a fat back? I am just so terrified to go under the knife.
  4. A friend of mine who has had lipo told me that once they take out the fat cells, you will never get fat in that area again She said she notices that where she used to gain in her stomach, she now gains in her arms, where there are fat cells still.
  5. She's right. I had a TT and lipo on my hips. Now I will go back for my "back boobs" as my handsome surgeon calls them but I had them BEFORE the surgery!! Also might spruce up some other things. Don't be afraid. It was the best thing I've ever done for myself!! So much more confident and assured about how I look now. My life is SO much better!! DO it!:yes:
  6. I wish I had boobs... :Push:

    I read in Taiwan, they took out the fat of the women during lipo and used it as a natural substitute for silicon for boob implants so it's natural that way. I wonder if that works.... *Hmmmm*
  7. i do have silicone implants and botox and i am happy with it. lipo is fine after you tried everything else its just the icing on the cake to give you the last contour shape ;)
  8. I been considering getting breast inplants for the past 2 years, but I'm too scared to have it done. I used to watch the series on MTV about people wanting to look like carmen electra or whomever & they would always show a messed up job. That frightened me even more. I guess the best thing to do was to check out every doctor! I just wouldn't want to end up with lopsided boobs.
  9. I have had cosmetic surgery - and I will continue to as issues arise that diet and exercise and genetics cannot change.

    I think that many surgeons will tell you to try diet and exercise first; then go in for a little fine-tuning with the lipo - however, you should go on at least 3 consultations and see what the consensus is among reputable docs.

    When I had my surgeries I was on surgery forums - this helped alot, as I knew what questions to ask, what websites to go to for doc refernces/creditentials checks, etc.

    I have had no body sculpting done (yet) only enhancement surgeries; ALL cosmetic proceudres carry risks, and different procedures carry differnet risks unique to that surgery.

    Ask LOTS of questions and don't be afraid to change/alter/enhance what you see as a roadblock to inner happiness.
  10. lilach,

    how does it initially feel? I've been wondering about getting implants but it's pretty taboo in Asian culture/society. :sad:
  11. gosh, i guess if i could afford it, i would but my bf strongly opposes the idea..... maybe remove some of the fat on my tummy.. heheh.. but no, havent done it yet..
  12. i don´t have any problems whatsoever 1 even the operation was not nearly as painful or horrible as i thought it was. i stayed 3 days in a private hospital suite and after the drainage was taken out i could head up home. after 2 weeks ii believe the stitches were removed and i had to wear a special bustier/bra to avoid the implants to settle in "the wrong place" and to make them lighter until they healed inside out.
    i was and still am pretty impressed with the results as they definately do not look fake or attached to my body like watermelons. they just look like mother nature was very very generous to me:lol:
    and about the feel. well the first days i needed to get used to the extra weight on my chest (even though i didn´t got huge implantts just 300cc) grading me up from 70b to 70c european size . but now i don´t feel them at all and believe even my exhusband told me that if he didn´t knew they just feel very firm but not fake at all :flowers:
  13. I have 600cc silicones up from 385cc saline. The silicones feel as natural as any breast; they move like real breast tissue, etc.

    Saline implants were hard, rigid, and sat like little rocks; I love my silicone implants.

    My doc told me that combined 1200cc = 1 1/2 pounds. Not really that much weight; considering I was weighing my bras down with so much padding/silicone inserts prior to surgery.
  14. wow hube babys you have now :lol: or is it just due to your shape that it look fine and coordinated ?
  15. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Loganz + Lilach,

    Did you have to take some time off to let the implants settle and was there any pain during recovery? I read about how implants can sometimes cause problems during recovery such as vein protrusion etc.

    Also, I'm very skinny at the top (Don't know why) so I'm scared if I get implants, I might end up looking like having cantaloupes stuffed in me chest. :Push: