Plastic Surgery -share your experience please

  1. Hi all,

    I am starting out looking for a surgeon for my long awaited tummy tuck and liposuction. My youngest is 8 and we don't plan any more kids.

    I am wondering if you guys can share real life experience. Types of questions I shhould ask on consults, recovery etc.

    If anyone wants to refer a PS (plastic surgeon) in Chicago or chicagoland, indiana wisconsin PLEASE PM me, I'm open to hearing about your experience with different doctors.

    Also, I want inner thigh and lower back lipo at the same time, should I get augmentation or breast lift too? Can you get a lift w/out implants? I am a small C so I like my size, just want to perk them up, can they do that without an implant?

    Share ladies, dish it out.
    Thanks in advance.
  2. I had a full TT and a full lift but got implants because a lift will likely decrease your size.

    My quick advice and please, feel free to ask any specific questions:
    get at least 3 consults, even if you are "positive" you'll use the first Doc.
    Lower back/back upper hips is referred to as "flanks" a lot of people are disappointed they don't get their bra area lipo'd as well.

    You can get a lift w/o implants. But if you have significant sag, then you'll need a full lift. A full lift will remove a LOT of breast tissue, this is why I opted for implants.
    I'd have never thought in a meelion years I'd get implants, I always had bigger than average tatas, but after nursing and finding out my size would decrease at least a size I decided to get them.

    Find out if you'll need a mini or a full TT, ask if it includes muscle repair as well.
  3. Important, make sure you're comfy with the your doc, make sure she/he is on the same page as you.

    I've had two BA's /lifts and some day hoping for a TT and implants, i'd also like to get a brow lift and restylne (sp)
  4. Thanks Swanky,

    I never knew exactly what flanks are, so when I wear low rise jeans that's the "muffin top". I joke I have 2 butts a lower and upper, so I need my upper butt gone! You said flnks include hips, is that saddle bags or love handles?

    I went to 2 consults about a year ago so I know I'm a candidate for full tummy tuck and I need muscle repair definitely because of hernia, likley my c-section 11 years ago?

    Are you pleased with your results still? Would you do it again? Sounds like breast lift is out of the question, I don't have enough tissue for that LOL.

  5. I live in the Detroit area and I first starting asking friends what good Dr.'s to go to and you would be amazed all the feedback you can gather.

    So I found two good Dr.'s in the area and felt more comfortable with one of them. I had no questions when I left the office and at ease.

    So do your research & ask around. This past March I had breast implants and love them. They are very natural looking and the recovery was minimal. I decided to go through my belly button and love that I have no scars. I was thinking about a lift but not too crazy about the procedure & what was involved.

    I've also had my nose done, lipo several times....some of my recoveries were tough and others I bounced back the next day.

    Good luck in your decision.......just do your homework.
  6. Bag Fetishm

    2 ba's did you go back for larger? I heard a lot of people under estimate the size and then go back for bigger. Any reason you are waiting on the tummy tuck? Or are you just reasearching still? I assume you will be going to the same surgeon?

    What city are you in? If you don't mind me asking.

  7. Kristenmi,

    The funny thing is I started out asking friends but I don't have any with "experience" in this area, well only 1. I am 32 and had kids early, most of my friends, probably because of the industry I am in are in their mid to late 20's - no kids.

    I have a few people that have had implants, what is your opinion, can I judge a dr.'s potential on a tummy tuck from his implant work?

  8. no two very different area's. I wouldn't let just anybody do my implants ~ just too much can go wrong & I've heard too many bad stories.

    I even went to the extent to ask a few of my friends that are lawyers which Dr.'s have been sucessfully sued and that helped my decision too. Lawyers tend to know what Dr.'s are good in the area and which one's shouldn't be practicing.

    Maybe the Dr.'s have references of previous patients that you can talk too? Now for the implants you really need to do your research ~ I've been wanting to do mine for a few years and finally this year my mind was in the right place to do it.

    Even now I will go to the nail salon and someone sitting next to me is complaining about her boob job and they are you can get feedback in the most unlikely spots. One day in the salon I think there were 3 of us talking about our surgeries.

    It seems like their would be some outstanding Dr.'s in your area.

    Have you ever seen that magazine about Plastic's thick about $10 and I think published maybe 4 times a year. It's usually on the magazine rack w/ all the other common magazines. It goes into detail about the surgeries & lists & interviews Dr.'s from around the USA. Page through it next time your at the book store and see if that has any good information.

    good luck in whatever you decide to do!!!
  9. I had my nose done over ten years ago and am so happy I did it. I've been wanting lipo in the thighs (and whatever other areas might even me out) but I'm soooo hesitant as I see so many bad "after" pics of lipo that I am not sure it's worth the money. As far as boobs, I might want those down the line but not yet.
  10. I will have to check borders for the magazines, the issue with Chicago is there are sooo many choices. Also there are a lot of surgeons who make you pay through the nose just because they can, the prices here are a lot higher than national averages.
  11. No in fact my were lifts.
    I had one.. and years later had 2 more kids, things went south again ( and I have major issues?) so I had another lift. It didnt turn out the same as the first because I breast /f the last 2 kids unlike the first two.

    I now I have my TT /ba booked for Aug/07/08. I will be getting implants this time to give me back that top fullness I want. No I wont be going to the same doc.
    The Doc i'm going to is Dr Hynes, in Hamilton.

  12. I had a lift and implants two years ago. I am only 24, but I had been a little chubby when I was younger so once I was thin my boobs had disappeared and I had never liked the shape of my boobs to begin with so I went to the PS that my friend had gone to. I have complete different boobs now and could not be happier. It's been two years and they are right up there. I went from a a/b to a full c... turning into d's now that I'm prego though! My surgery was basically painless. I had a pain pump. A tube was inserted into each boob and it pumped meds into me for a couple of weeks. It was wonderful. A couple months ago I made an appt. because I want to switch to silicone (I currently have saline). I know they're going to go south through this pregnancy so I am waiting until after the baby is born to get them redone. But I am not hesitating for the 2nd surgery and will gladly do it all over again for my results!
  13. I am so all ovber this! I have 2 consults for next week so I will let you know how it goes, how do you search to see any lawsuits etc.? They were recommended to me but that's still just 1 persons experience. How can I do more searching are there websites.?
  14. You can have a breast lift without implants and look fabulous. I have a friend who did this and she's thrilled with how she looks. And she'll never need to have surgery again to have implants replaced in the future.