Plastic surgery secrets *before and after pics*

  1. Even though this article is about Hollywood stars I thought it would be a good reference thread in the Beauty sub-forum.

    Can You Keep A Secret?

    Most celebrities will deny they've had work done, but their doctors know the truth--and have the secret back entrances in their offices to prove it.

    "They're very paranoid," says Dr. Renato Calabria, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon. Calabria, who says his celebrity clients sometimes have a hard time saying hello to him in public, pioneered the new one-stitch face lift. For about $5,000, the procedure lifts loose facial skin and anchors it via one stitch under the hairline on each side of the face. The effect is more subtle than full face lifts and popular among clients in their late 30s, Calabria says. Recovery time is around four days, perfect for the kind of person who doesn't want to stay out of the limelight for too long.

    Cost: $250 per area or $10 to $12 per syringe
    When to have it done: A few days in advance
    Botox is a non-surgical injection used to temporarily paralyze muscles that cause wrinkles, primarily around the eyes and forehead. It also can be used to prevent stains on a designer gown by stopping glands from producing sweat. Each injection lasts three to four months.
    Cost: Ranges from $300 to $800 per syringe
    When to have it done: A few days in advance
    Soft-tissue fillers such as Restalyne, Juvederm and collagen are injected into the face to fill out a depressed area, such as the folds between the nose and lips. Many, including a patient's own fat, can be injected into the lips, plumping them Angelina Jolie-style for up to a year.

    Volumetric Face Lift
    Cost: Starting at $15,000
    When to have it done: Four to six weeks in advance
    Instead of tethering loose skin, in this procedure, fat is taken from the abdomen and injected into the face, creating high cheekbones, for instance, where there were none. For some, it is permanent, but others need to repeat it in five years. Skin may also be tightened via small incisions around the ears.

    One-Stitch Face Lift
    Cost: $5,000 to $7,000
    When to have it done: At least four days in advance
    A lunchtime procedure, the one-stitch lift is done under local anesthesia and doesn't use external threads to hold tissue in place. Instead, loose skin is tightened and stitched once on each side of the face under the hairline. There is no bruising, and the effect can make patients look five years younger.

    Power Bleaching
    Cost: $500 to $1,000
    When to have it done: Two and a half weeks in advance
    Dentists practiced in power bleaching apply whitening gel to a patient’s teeth then places them for an hour in front of a light that promotes absorption. Sensitivity may be a problem for a day afterward. Teeth-whitening trays and solution for at-home use is also available.
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    Wrinkle Release
    Cost: $750 to $1,500
    When to have it done: A little less than a week in advance
    In this process, which gets rid of stubborn, deep wrinkles, a needle is used to encircle a wrinkle with a metal thread beneath the skin. When pulled, the thread cuts fibers, pulling the wrinkle down and relaxing it. Patients need to apply a pressure bandage for two days, and the effect can last months or even years.
    Cost: $450 to $500 for the face; $800 for the face, chest and neck
    When to have it done: Two weeks in advance
    Photofacials involve using intense, pulsed light to remove brown spots and other sun damage from the face, neck and chest--a must-have procedure for actresses of a certain age sporting plunging necklines. The process also shrinks pores and decreases wrinkling.

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Facial
    Cost: $250 per session
    When to have it done: A couple of days in advance
    These facials force hyaluronic acid, an ingredient found naturally in the skin and known for its powerful antioxidants, into the skin through a high flow of oxygen. Intraceuticals Infusion is the best-known treatment, delivering oxygen via a hand piece.

    Cost: $150 for a session; more for large areas
    When to have it done: A week in advance
    In the past, the technique used a kind of fine sandblaster to spray crystal particles on the face, which could be messy. Doctors now aptly use tiny diamond chips to give stars’ skin a polish before a big night out.
    Dermacia MD's Lycogel
    Cost: $78 for a half ounce
    When to use it: immediately
    Used on the sets of American Idol and Desperate Housewives, Lycogel is a form of concealing makeup that can only be bought in plastic surgeons' and dermatologists' offices. It is recommended for use after chemical peels and microdermabrasion because it reduces inflammation and drives oxygen to the skin, promoting healing, says Dermacia MD President Barry Knapp.
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