Plastic Surgery for Asian Guys (no women) Thread

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  1. can all the guys in this forum post in this thread just so we can start getting a discussion going on things that are specific to asian guys and plastic surgery?

    maybe reply to this thread with a simple

    age/location post and what things you want done or what you've already done and we can start discussing things and helping each other out

    ill start

    im 24/Los Angeles and I want to get a western style nose
  2. same
  3. Hi,

    Came across this thread... I am also a guy deciding on PS but just on one area, which is my cheekbones..


  4. Ooo when would you guys be there? I am still deciding if I should get it done during my school holiday (mid-july), if I am around, maybe we can meet up.. haha, if you guys don't mind
  5. Hi there,
    I live in DC and doing research on many places that specialize in face contour also eyelid. I like to extend my chin and jaw line for strong face not V-line. I love the way western style is but not sure if Korean PS is good in doing that style.
  6. Hello guys, I'm 2 months post surgery and I'm really satisfied with my results. I was thinking of starting a new thread and write down my full and honest review on the hospital that I visited (wonjin) but I was unable to do so ><
  7. please, go ahead right your honest review/feedback about the hospital, it can really help those people like me whos still planning to do their PS. thanks!

  8. I never heard of that place before but thank you for recommendation. I will study that place. What I'm debating between big clinic and medium size are equipment , communication barrier, post op recovery program, post op problem solving in case something happens because I will just stay in Korea for only 2 weeks.
  9. u guys can try Man & Nature plastic surgery. Its a clinic that specializes in male cosmetic surgery. My friend who practices cardiology in Seoul invited the surgeon at Man and Nature along to dinner so that's how i learnt of that clinic. Obv i dunno his skill level but he seems very lovely and down to earth. Might be worth it to just schedule a consultation if u boys are looking for a surgeon who specializes in masculine centric procedures

  10. I google this clinic and nothing came up. Do you have their website?
  11. Thax for that info, my bf Is also thinking about getting something done while going there with me for my facial contouring, since I'm gonna be there for 2 weeks for recovery, he can get something minor as well, but we couldn't figure out where to go that specializ for men.
  12. Thank you qri,

    Are you at Korea yet? Their website sound interesting to me if they are good at what they are doing. I just asked my Korean friend check their website out and also looking for on naver if there are any review either bad or good about them. It's so overwhelming to me since I have been reading a lot.

    If you have any additional info, please share. So do I
  13. I arrive in Korea August 10th. I just added their Kakao and asked if they had an English consultant/I was interested in having a consultation them with. But the person replied with "sorry...i am not good at english :sweatdrop:" and the convo kind of went no where from there lol

    Back in 2013 a member here had a consultation with them and had this to say

    "Man & Nature *The main Dr forgot his name*

    Nose - Tiplasty - Ear Cartilage
    Chin - Implant

    You need to know some basic Korean, and doctors English is OK. This is a fancy apugujeong clinic only for men, and it is super cheap! Now I know that the big clinics love to rip off foreigners after visiting this place. I didn't feel confident in his deviated septum skills and he's better with Asian noses. Featured in Wall Street Journal. If you are going to have non-complex and implant based procedures and are an Asian dude on a budget this place might be good fit."

    I'm only 25% asian so my nose is very far from the "typical asian nose" and I'm not getting a implant so I don't really mind that I couldn't get a consultation with them. What other clinics are you interested in?
  14. i believe their approach is subtle change. If you want something drastic this might not be clinic for you