Plastic Surgery #2, later, or never?

  1. Not really sure if I wanted to talk about this (nor post it in a public forum!) but here goes...

    I'm 33 and had my first baby almost a year ago. DH and I waited to have our first baby coz had to make sure that we were staying here for keeps...well, long enough to wait before we are uprooted again.

    That's his pic right there :yes:. Anyhoo, I'm thinking of having that saggy bag removed because it upsets me soooo much. :mad: but DH wants to wait because he wants to have more children. more???!!!! yikes!

    So, do I do it now and do it again later? or just wait? There are wonderful doctors here and I am amazed how 60 year-olds can look like 35 and Samba like they're 16.

  2. You said your husband wants to have more children. But you did not say whether YOU want to have more children. This is perhaps a more important question than when/whether to have the surgery.
  3. OH you REALLY need to wait until youi know for sure there's to be no more children.

    You do not want to under go major surgery twice - more risks IMO.
  4. ^^ agreed! I'm planning on having a tummy tuck and breast lift once I'm done having kids. But ONLY when I'm done.