plastic sugery

  1. who has had any plastic sugery and or thinking about geting it to change what you may not like
  2. I had it when I was almost 13. Not telling what I had done, but it was due to self-esteem. People said I was ugly, and I believed them. Then I decided they were idiots. :yes:
  3. thats true you have to define your own beauty evey one is unique and diffrent love yourseft and forget what others think as long as your happy with yourselft:heart::sweatdrop::jammin:
  4. i plan on getting a nose job soon, i have an appointment next week (After waiting 2 months for an appointment!). can't wait to get the problem fixed. would also like breast implants, but am going to wait till i graduate college so i have the money.
  5. i broke my nose repeatedly, but when i got it basically knocked off my face, i had a young high school emt reset it so i could compete the next week. had to live with this over a decade, hopefully thinking of setting it back to normal and fixing the tip this summer.

  6. Exactly! I'm 51 and as I watch EVERYTHING slowly slide down South, some part of my ego wants to tweek a few things. But then I remind myself that beauty is who you are inside, not what you look like on the outside. So I just let nature take its course. Might as well. People are going to judge us no matter how we look anyway. :smile:
  7. I have a few small flesh-colored moles on my face. I asked the dermatologist about getting them removed and she wouldn't do it. She said the procedure would leave scars and they weren't anything to worry about anyway.

    I really wanted them off so I made an appointment with a plastic surgeon and like gymangel812 I had to wait about two months to get scheduled. Finally, yesterday, I went and was disappointed again. He basically said the same thing the dermatologist said. He said if I really wanted to have the procedure, I'd have to go to the hospital -- he doesn't do any surgeries no matter how minor -- in his office. He said, though, he doesn't recommend it as nobody can see them anyway.

    I guess I'll just live with them. But I don't want to at all.
  8. I had lipo about six years ago and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I had a "bubble" butt and was very self-conscious of my rear and would often wear long shirts/sweaters that covered me up. So I had butt, inner and outer thigh liposuction. The recovery was a little tough but as long as I wore my compression garment I didn't hurt as much. I just met with the plastic surgeon as I have had two babies in twenty months and need a little help (wink wink). I talked to him about having thighplasty and abdominoplasty and will get it soon. He told me I didn't need any lipo, I just have a lot of excess skin from pregnancies. FYI, I exercise usually 5-6 times a week (cardio/weight training). I say go for it, if it makes you feel better. I do understnad it's not for everyone however.
  9. I didn't have plastic surgery, but I did have gastric bypass surgery - which is how I lost 102 pounds and am still losing. Because of this, I'm 99.9% sure I will get a brachioplasty and a tummy tuck - well, and quite possibly a thigh lift as well. :s
  10. well i agree with some of you, as long as it makes you feel good about yourself then go for it! I got implants as soon as I was 18 (23 now) I was flat as a board and I dont regret it at all! The only thing I really do encourage is to do alot of research before you get anything done, especially the doctor you chose!
  11. I'm in the same situation. As I've gotten older two little moles have appeared on my face. I want them off, but the derm i went to said the scar from removing them would be bigger than the moles themselves. I know I've read that people can get them lasered off, but maybe that's not true if you've also consulted a plastic surgeon who gave you the same story.
    :shrugs: oh well.
  12. I haven't had any plastic surgery, but I do want to get lipo, or a tummy tuck!!! But before I do that it's going to be a long time from now!
  13. I really need to get my boobs shrunk. They are causing me extreme back pain and I can't sleep on my stomach. I've been to a doctor and it's not a problem, it would make me feel so much better, but I am petrified to death. And I am trying to get pregnant, and if I have this done I cannot breast feed.

    Deep down, I don't want to change the way nature made me, but like I said, I am in constant back pain now, which might make the surgery happen early next year.
  14. I have 2 dark small moles on my face but I like one of them--it's high up on my cheekbone and looks very 18th century beauty-mark to me. The other is also in a good position a la Cindy Crawford but I think it's a wee bit too big---when I think about it at all. Maybe one day I'll have it removed but it really doesn't bother me that much. The only other thing I'd do is a boob job---at 43 I'm not as perky as I once was--but my DH says he likes me just fine the way I am. How can I argue with that?
  15. I have had a lipo. It is the best thing i ever did for myself. Te first week after was tough though...very tough. Everybody who has an objective problem should go for it, then you'll say how many years did i loose and felt bad about myself when i could just fix the problem in one day and a less than a month to full recovery.