plastic on the handle....

  1. is it true that a bag has a plastic on the handle is fake and the without is the real one?...
  2. on the handle of what hunny
  3. i dont think so. When i bought my MBMJ from the shop it came out with plastic on the handle. They took it off for me, but it had it on it to start.
  4. No that's not true. I have purchased several Louis Vuitton bags from eLuxury, all of which had plastic wrapped around the handles. They take the plastic off in the boutiques before they give you the bags.
  5. ohh that kind of plastic :p absolutely NOT true. ive been to many stores that ive seen that. i even remember when i worked at coach the handles came wrapped. whoever told you that was terribly mistaken
  6. No-- most of my bags have come with plastic wrap on the handles, and sometimes on all of the zipper pulls, the feet on the bottom, etc. It's just because the sellers don't want it to get damaged in shipping...

    I have heard that about some brand though, that if it has plastic it's fake. Maybe it was Coach? IDK...
  7. ^^ Definitely not. look at the above post. they just unwrap it where u cant see it.
  8. I may be wrong on this...but I think the plastic on the handles guideline is mostly for spotting out fakes by online retailers. I believe official retailers are not allowed to post photos online of bags with the protective plastic on the handles and hardware, so if you see one that does, at best they are unauthorized and at worst they are selling fakes.

    I've had bags shipped to me with the plastic on by reliable stores, though, so that's ok.
  9. i would say some are. i was in line in nyc and this middle school girl was holding like three chanels (which were obviously fake) with plastic on the handles
  10. i think its a non-rule. if u think it mite be fake, post in one of our forums :smile:
  11. Now I get where you are coming from. There is a website that talks about fakes and buyng on eBay. One of the "tell tale signs" is that the hardware is wrapped. Well I know that at Coach, when they bring out a "fresh" bag, the hardware is wrapped. My Grysons, because the handles are hinged, the hardware came wrapped. My Posen bags also.

    I don't know who came up with the idea, but I think that particular guide line may need some re-thinking.
  12. hi, you will notice the differences of the plastic on the handles of bags. yes, authentic bags do sometime come w plastic wrap.
    authentic wrap


    below are fakes



    hope that help
  13. Oh I know it's not true. I was just saying that I'd heard this rumor before too (about Coach I think)...
  14. all my bags came with plastic
  15. Ok good to know. I am always hearing different things about this issue.