Plastic On or Off?

  1. I just can't bring myself to pull off the protective plastic coverings on the hardware! Anyone else with that problem?
  2. i pull mine off once i start to the bag.. however, the plastic that covers the screen on my cell phone is still there and i've had my phone for about a month now.
  3. Well I don't a Hermes bag yet but if I did, I too wouldn't take the plastic off.
  4. Rip that plastic off and take that beauty out on the town! Besides, you can always save the plastic if you want to recover the hardware later. But, these bags are far too beautiful to stay covered up- go out and enjoy!!!!
  5. I left mine on the first time I used it but when I got home I peeled the plastic off. The hardware is so much prettier when you let it shine.
  6. I still haven't taken of the plastic from my Birkin HW. I plan to in a week or so. My SA said that it shouldn't stay on longer than a couple of months because it could affect the metal.
  7. Off with it! It's yours!
  8. The plastic is still on the Guilloche PH on my Kelly (which is a 2003) and it hasn't affected the metal one bit.:biggrin:
  9. I don't know WHAT I'd do....mine is coming without plastic, without box, without that pillow thingy inside....

    But, I still haven't taken the plastic off MY cell phone either!
  10. wow - 3 years! I LOVE that Kelly and seriously almost contacted you to buy it. The SAME day, I got the Birkin call.
    Sigh... but it's just so beautiful with the guilloche HW.:heart:
  11. Definitely remove them--Life is meant to be lived!
  12. Rip the plastic off and live a little...mine has had 12 years of use and barely nicked. You can always have it fixed!!! ENJOY IT!!!!!
  13. Agree!! Think about parking a brand new car for the first time. You make an effort to park soooooo far away and then later on you don't care where you park it because it has a few dings. Finally, the car is yours to enjoy!!!! One ding and it's yours forever!
  14. man are you nuts, take it off,... strip baby!!! Go shake a tailfeather with that beauty! It needs to live too,....
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: Agree, let the hardware shine!