Plastic on hardware

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  1. Do you usually remove the plastic off the hardware (toggle, straps) when you purchase your bag (Kelly/Birkin)? Or do you just leave it on til it's ready to fall off to protect the hardware from scratching? :confused1:
  2. I remove the plastic to reveal the beauty and finish of the metal hardware. I would feel embarrassed to carry the bag with the plastic on.
  3. ^^ :yes: ITA - straight off!
  4. ooh... thanks for letting me know!
    sorry about that!
  5. ^ No worries at all, HaydenM! :biggrin:
  6. I don´t have a bag yet but I would definitely take the plastic off.
  7. I took the plastic off mine as well.
  8. Remove it as soon as I get the bag.
  9. my SA saw I didn't remove mine and she made me take them off...if you don't the metal can't breath and will tarnish or ruin.

    remember scratches can buff off...but that metal needs to breath!
  10. I take it right off!
  11. I used to keep the plastic protect the hardware. One of the restorers (right word?) from the spa was visiting the store...on a day I happened it. She say the plastic and told me to remove it. That it could damage the leather...from humidity tarnishing the metal. Now, they come off immediately!
  12. I just received a bag from a reseller from 2000 and it had plastic on the h/w. Luckily once removed there was no damage! Was suprised it stayed on so long!!!
  13. Sus, the reseller could have sent the bag to H to have the hardware replaced. Or sent the back for a spa, and the craftsman put the plastic film back on after polishing the hardware.

  14. i leave the plastic on until it starts coming off. I have never heard the "breathing" thing.