Plastic on handles - Automatic Fake?

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  1. Hi all:

    I purchased my first Fendi (Magic Bag) from (on reco from other tPF'rs). It came with plastic on the handle. Is that a sign of a fake? It came in a sealed box. The bag has a hologram tag with a number under it. I am enclosing some pics here. Thanks.
    fendi_box.JPG fendi_magic.JPG fendi_magic2.JPG
  2. I know hardly anything about Fendi bags, but I know the ladies on here have said (at least about Spy bags) that plastic on the handles is not an automatic sign of a fake. I don't know if that would be true of the magic bag, but I would imagine so.
  3. the moncler spy i got from Barney's has plastic on handles when i got it.
  4. Yay :yahoo: good news, am so sorry for giving you palpitations :sweatdrop: will be more careful about what I believe in posts and therefore pass on.
  5. no its not a sign its fake. I purchased a fendi from Saks but it did not have plastic on the handles but my recent 2 LV purchases did have the plastic on the handles.
  6. Both my bags purchased from designer department stores had the plastic on them!

    Breathe now and enjoy your bag
  7. Some Fendi bags have the plastic on the handles and other don't. It doesn't matter if one magic bag has plastic and the other doesn't b/c like I said, they vary. We have styles that are the same style same color and some have plastic and others don't. The box looks like an original Fendi box, but it confuses me b/c I know that Fendi does not sell to wholesalers. So I don't quite know where jomashop gets their merchandise, but it looks good. Is it the small magic?
  8. Thanks everyone. I can breathe easier now:yahoo: . Yes, it is the small magic bag.