plastic in my tokidokis. ^_^

  1. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way as I do, but I don't like how my BVs and gioco sag at the bottom from the weight of the things I carry. I took a thick plastic clipboard and cut out the shape of the bottom of the BV (which is pretty much the same shape as the bottom of the gioco) and put it in. It looks SO much better, keeping the real shape of the bag... and I figure it'll protect the inside bottom of my bag from any pen marks, etc. Cutting the plastic was a little tough with the razor and scissors, but I think well worth it!!
  2. HAHA! Great idea. I always felt the gioco looks so nice when it is positioned right on a tabel or something. The moment it gets misshapened from stuff, it looks terrible!
  3. I haven't had that trouble with my BV. I haven't used my gioco yet. Even when I do I won't be packing it. I think it is a good idea some totes/bags have a pull out piece at the bottom of the bag to give it shape and support.
  4. Even if you don't pack the gioco, it'll droop at the bottom. I can place my denaro in there and see the droop. Blah. I never pack my bags, but what I do carry is heavy because I have things like a small holder of gift cards and the denaro.
  5. Very Great Idea!
  6. Yes, I always do it with all my bags. It keeps the shape of the bag very nicely.
  7. i havent tried that yet..but what a great :idea:
  8. I have a playground BV which I love but I hate how it sags. Thats such a great idea. You buy the plastic clipboards??? Cutting it with scissors and a razor sounds tough.
  9. i dont have the BV, does anyone have probs with their mamma mia?
  10. for the mamma mia sag factor, i put a graphic novel at the bottom of the bag to remedy that. not going so far as to have a rock solid base w/another material, but the thin book gives it a more natural & softer shape, but is still firm.

    you could also cut a piece of cardboard to fit the shape of the bottom & cover the cardboard in material. that's what i did for my Speedy & that works really well, so I'm sure it would be good for the mamma mia also.
  11. thanks for the tip:biggrin:
  12. Took me a few minutes. That's about it. What I did was outlined the part I was going to cut with a permanent marker, then with the razor I cut along the line. The plastic was too thick for the razor to go all the way through, but the cut from the razor made it easier for me to cut along the line with the scissors. I used plastic instead of cardboard, which is way easier to cut, because it can be wiped clean and will NOT bend ever. I know what you may be thinking, "What could she possibly put in the bag to make cardboard bend?!?!", but you never know. Hahaha. Plus, I sometimes put a water bottle in my bag and the plastic wouldn't soak up any perspiration or any other liquid.
  13. I've never had that problem with my mamma mia only my BV.
  14. hmm...i guess it just depends on what you carry that might make it sag? i dont carry much so it might not sag should i decide to use it...:biggrin:
  15. i think you can avoid the sag factor alos, if you use pouches inside your bag as opposed to just dropping single items into the bottom. like using makeup bags & other pouches.

    check out the LV forum for info on this purse organizer called Purseket. It looks like it would be a great thing to have for a very unstructured bag, such as our Tokidokis.