Plastic, cheap Betty?

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  1. :confused1: I have my eye on the small Betty. I've searched tons of threads and have mixed feelings about the black patent Betty on NAP.

    Most have reported favorable comments, but one response likened the Betty to cheap plastic. This comment made me think twice about spending over a grand on a bag that might be mistaken for a Glad bag.

    Can someone help clarify this? If the patent looks cheap, then can someone help me locate a SMALL, NONPATENT, BLACK BETTY?

  2. Hello there,

    It really depends if you love patent or not. I did see a bad patent black in a shop, it was the detailing on the smaller parts, like the purse, where the patent can look cheap, but again each purse will be slightly different, but it definitely is a high gloss patent.

    I saw that one on ebay, and they are taking offers, its one to consider, but perhaps you could also order the patent, see if you like it, and return it if it not for you, then its your own decision :smile:
  3. Thanks chloe-babe,

    I have looked everywhere - -LVR, Ebay, AR, Bag, Borrow, or Steal, NAP - and have had no luck.

    I searched uner "Betty" and read all 10 or so pages of the thread. I was bummed when Chloe*Starlet sold her small, black patent Betty a few months ago.

    I saved in my favorites the threads of SA pf's recommended. 'll try calling around.

  5. I have a Chloe Betty Satchel, and I don't think it looks cheap. I don't think it looks like plastic either. The one comment I would make is that the bag is VERY shiny. If you're into a high gloss look, then you will like the bag. If you want something more subdued, I'd go for something else. Here's a pic of mine. Hope it helps.

  6. Whoa, that person is selling the sandals I got today (£35 in Topshop) for £60, 65 if you include postage. Got to be careful with eBay I see!
  7. Hi Una, yes I know its off topic, but anybody trying to make money out of the Kate Moss stuff is deluding themselves. Its all over every store now, and has not been the sucess that they thought it would be, which is a triumph for once for the shopper!!! Yay :biggrin:
  8. oh, and Lori, your bag is absolutely stunning. A billion times better looking than the one that I saw irl :yes:
  9. I love the way this bag looks. I must admit though it was a little stiff to carry and I did end up selling my chocolate one. I never once thought it looked cheap and plasticy though! I have heard that this bag is going on sale at Nordstrom and that they have in the burgundy, chocolate and black for 40% off.
  10. Which Nordstroms? I like the size of this bag the most.

    Do you think the patent Betty is trendy, or do you think it's a classic? I just need a small bag that will go with me everywhere to hold essentials.

    For any patent Betty bag owners, does the bag crack or peel?
  11. I know that Bellevue Nordstorm has the large bag in cream python. My SA there told me she could get the patent bag but I am not sure if there were actually at that store. I would imagine that you could call any Nordstrom and a good SA could track it down for you. My SA in Bellevue is on vacation for 2 weeks but you may want to try Toni and Mall of the Americas store--she was great at tracking down a certain bag for me. I have not heard of this bag cracking or peeling but I was a bit concerned how corners etc would wear with time.
  12. I saw one on the sale table at NM in King of Prussia today - it was a cream or light yellow patent. Hmmm... I must say that I would not buy it myself because I love Chloe's leather (esp. Paddington!) It does NOT look like cheap plastic at all, but patent is definitely an "acquired" taste.
  13. I understand your concern, and I was unsure before I received mine, I have 2 Chloe Betty's in patent, the chocolate chain and the black patent tote, both are beautiful and do not look cheap at all, in fact, I get lots of compliments on both. I have seen the cream, and I have to say, I didn't like it as well as the darker colors.
  14. Your comments have been insightful. I have been looking at the black, patent Betty on NAP. I guess patent leather is quite the trend now. I'm fearful of paying big bucks on something trendy.

    Honestly, do you think this bag is trendy or classic for years to come?
  15. So it was the first day KM's stuff sold out? E-entertainment acted like her clothes were selling like hot cakes. Are they cheaply made and cheesy looking? Why aren't they selling now? Just curious?