Plastic Bowls

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  1. I was just reading about how bad bottled water can be for us because of the toxins leaching into the water and it reminded me of our little furkids--just an fyi to all of you: if you are using plastic bowls for food and water you should switch to some other material--like glass or ceramic the toxins in the plastic will leach and some of the toxins are carcinogenic
    Plastic can also harbor bacteria
    Anyways just thought I would share.
  2. Ive been telling SO we needed to get some ceramic bowls for the dogs, just havent gotten around to it. In the mean time, I wash their bowls every single day because Ive heard of bacteria growing too, YUCK!
  3. Metal or ceramic bowls are probably best. A lot of times, pets can have an allergic reaction where they develop acne under their chin from plastic bowls. I think in order to suffer the carcinogenic effects of the plastic, they would have to eat the plastic bowl. Like every day for their entire life.
  4. One of my cats developed acne on her chin b/c her food bowl was made of plastic. I had no idea! Once the vet told me this and we switched to ceramic dishes she hasn't had any problems.
  5. My two eat and drink out of stainless steel bowls
  6. Actually they wouldn't have to eat the bowl the chemicals leach into the water--this process is accelerated if you have the bowls outside when it is hot out so it is especially important to have metal or ceramic bowls outside for pets. There may be certain plastic bowls that are ok--that Im not sure of I only use ceramic.
  7. I've read that too. I use ceramic dishes for water and stainless for food. I had a friend w/ a cat that got cat acne and some tummy troubles and it turned out it was related to her plastic dishes.
  8. I use ceramic bowls for my chi. Plus, they are painted with non toxic lead free paint with little designs on them so they are super cute!
  9. Same here!
  10. we use stainless steel for the dogs and cats, we can just pop them in the dishwasher that way and they're sterilized.
  11. We use heavy base ceramic bowls for our cats' water and dry food - I prefer them because the heavy base prevents them from sliding around. For their meals I mostly use Corelle plates and bowls, but I have been known to serve a special meal on Wedgwood. Don't suppose it makes the slightest difference to the cat though! :P
  12. I would so drop and break a ceramic bowl but it would be nice for young dog as he shoves his bowl all over the place while he eats. I love my old dog's stainless steel bowl. She has had it for 13 years. It has all kinds of dents and tooth marks in it. I never thought about the plastic leaching! Bacteria and rashes were reasons enough for me.
  13. Hmm...never really thought about this. Thanks for the heads up! My standard eats and drinks out of a stainless steel bowl. The rest have plastic ones...I'll look into changing them all to stainless steel. Thanks again!
  14. Same here for our dogs.