plastic around handles of Louis Vuitton bags

  1. Hi, sometimes I see bags for sale with a little tag on them and plastic around the straps and handles. Can any one who's purchased these instore or online know for sure if this ever really happens.
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    I've never seen LV bags come with plastic around the handles
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  4. Where did you see the tags?

    When I bought my tivoli at the LV boutique there was plastic on the handles which the SA offered to remove for me, but I just said no cuz I could just go home and do it myself.
  5. Both of my Speedies from eLuxury had plastic on the handles. I had already removed it from the Damier when this picture was taken. No hang tags though.
  6. edited: i thought OP asked about the round plastic tag that usually coms w Fake LV (if so, real LV never came w those)-

    some real LV will come w plastic wrap around the handles, but most the time they will take it off
  7. Plastic on handles are the way they are shipped to the stores, the stores remove them most of the time before they put them on display or in the stockroom for sale.
    The hang tags are a dead giveaway of a fake. LV does not sell their bags with hang tags with the LV in plastic
  8. I have the plastic handle on my Tivoli Pm. That was the only time...but no tag hanging off. It must be a fake then because I'd seen some of the Asia-fake has the tag with plastic handle.
  9. I noticed that some of the LV Saks store are leaving long rectangle tags on the bags. I came across this myself personally. Prior to this happening to myself, I saw a couple bags on eBay with these rectangle tags where the sellers said they bought from Saks and had Saks receipts too, here I assumed they were fake then. But now that I have actually seen a SAKS with these long rectangle tags on the bag I know that one cannot always assume its fake now. Of course the round tags SAKS does not have and the sample canvas tags we know are fake, but some SAKS do use a long rectangle tag now.
  10. Plastic on the handles and straps are on 90% of the bags that ship from Eluxury.
  11. When i bought my Manhattan GM in Amsterdam boutique last year,the protective plastic still attached on the handle,there are also white card-boards under both handles too !
    my SA trying to remove them......i quickly said Oh no ! please keep it as it is.....:lol:

    I noticed most of the time the bags they bring out from the store room the protective plastic still attached on the handles.....
  12. I actually prefer that my SA leaves the plastic on the handles for me, as well as the blue plastic/protective covering on the zipper pulls. This way I'm assured that the bag is completely brand new and wasn't a return.
  13. I was talking about the round white disc that says LV...that is hanging down from a string on one of the handles...that is a sign of a fake..
    Maybe Saks uses some kind of rectangler tag, but not these type of round plastics discs
  14. After much deliberation between the Tivoli PM or Chanel PST...the other day I decided I wanted the Tivoli PM. I managed to find one on my first call (Saks) & the SA was willing to put it on hold until the weekend (4 days). It was meant to be!

    4 days & a long 2 hour drive later, I went into the LV Boutique (across from Saks) first...just to make sure they didn't have one in stock. I was surprised to hear it was still on 2-week waitlist! They did have one being held for someone on waitlist & brought it out for me to look at.

    Long story short - I purchased my Tivoli PM at Saks today! The SA brought it directly from the backroom in a dustbag. It still had the plastic on the handles, flat leather pieces (I think it was dark brown color, maybe blue??) shaped like double teardrops between the handle hardware, & I think I saw a rectangular Louis Vuitton tag but it wasn't attached. The SA removed the plastic, etc. in front of me. My Tivoli PM was made in France.

    I've purchased LV direct from the boutique & Saks.

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  15. In my local LV store most bags will arrive with plastic around the handles. Your SA should offer to take these off if you wish.