Plasma TV Owners please help!

  1. I want to get my dad a plasma TV for Christmas. I was wondering if plasma tvs were a lot better than projection tvs? Televisions

    Also, what brand would you recommend? What specifics should I look for when purchasing it?

    Would I be able to find the best deal during Thanksgiving??

    Thanks for any help!
  2. in my opinion a plasma is better than projection ... projection is only good if you want a cinema effect, as thats how big they are. and u need to spend good money to get a REALLY clear picture.. i think plazmas are nicer and sleeker looking. we have both a plasma and projector.. i think phillips is great for plasmas..
  3. ^ thanks J. do you have a Phillips & what size is it? What would you say is a decent size??
  4. umm i dont knwo wat sizze it is.. im going to say 52... (its my parents's so they picked it bought it etc)

    i think that the size we have is mroe than enough. that being said it depends on the size of the room too
  5. I also think that Plasma are better than projection TVs. My aunt & uncle who live in Virginia have both. They've got a plasma in their living and bedrooms, and a projector in their theater room. The projection screen is SOOOOO big, and the picture isn't as clear as it is on the Plasma TV.

    They've got a Sony plasma TV
  6. I have Phillips..Its the best.....My upstairs one is a diff brand and isnt as good as the Phillips one.(They are both over 52 inches..not sure what size)
  7. i work at best buy and my favorite tv that we sell is the Pioneer 50" plasma - the thing is truly gorgeous, better by leaps and bounds than the other ones we sell. i believe it also comes in a 40something" version.
  8. We have a 55" Hitachi Cinema plasma in our family room. It is AWESOME!! Very bright and clear!!

    Upstairs in our Theater Room we have a 73" DLP Diamond Series Mitsubishi widescreen with a High-Def., blue ray, and HD DVD going into it...and the picture quality is AMAZING!!! :yahoo:

    Very detailed, clear, bright...and the size is GREAT!! We wanted to have a sizable TV for our Theater room, but also have the clarity (which was #1). So w/ the high def. feed and it being DLP we were able to have a very clear, detailed picture. Which with a projection TV that size wouldn't be as clear.

    Btw, Keep in mind that the best tv picture is only as good as it's source signal.

    Good Luck!!;)
  9. They had a Pioneer Plasma at the PX here in Weurzburg a few weeks ago when we bought our Sony TV, and I kept trying to convince mom to buy it. But no suck luck!

    They were showing a Sponge Bob DVD on it, and I felt like I was in Bikini Bottom with Spongebob, lol. One little kid even tried to put his hand in it to touch sponge bob!
  10. SONY! I have a small one in my room, and in both living rooms bigger ones, and LOVE it to death. Sony all the way..
  11. My cousin has a projection one in his basement.. again like everyone said, its better for bigger pictures, but for clarity, sony plasmas.
  12. Plasma has a better picture, but LCD will last longer. My hubby is an electronics junkie and LCD is all he would buy. He turned his nose up at Plasma.
  13. LCD (liquid crystal display) is IMHO better than plasma.
  14. LCD (liquid crystal display) is thought to be better than plasma.
  15. I have a Pioneer Elite plasma and I love it! :heart: The picture quality is exceptional. Pioneer Electronics - Elite TVs