Plaque or leather label?


Jun 7, 2012
Los Angeles
AliciaDA said:
Ah ok, yeah my regular hw velo has the leather tag so maybe this just applies to city's?
maybe it's something new. i think for velo, day,suede and town ,they use leather tags for both classic and giant hw. :smile: let's hear from the other ladies here. :smile: or maybe it's also easier to say that only city, work and pt have the metal plate in classic hw and leather tags in giant?lol


Mar 21, 2011
Hi ladies. Please help. Found this thread on the topic of tags, so I thought I'd ask my question here. As I'm a newbie to this forum, please forgive me if you feel I've posted in the wrong place!

The back of my metal tag looks weird, and unlike all those I've seen on other B City bags! Why!!!

Has anyone here ever come across a tag like mine, or whose bag has a similar one?

I'll greatly appreciate any response and help I can get :smile: I'm absolutely anxious and lost. I believe the bag was purchased in Asia.